Fannie Mae Mandatory Pre-filing Mediation Policy for Mortgage Loans in Florida

Highlights from Announcement SVC-2010-13 Introduction Based upon the latest review and the passage of the Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order of December 2009 requiring mediation before a summary judgment or foreclosure sale can be held, Fannie Mae will now require that servicers assign delinquent mortgage loans secured by properties in Florida to an attorney from … Read more

KA-CHOW! David J. Stern et al. Criminal Contempt of Court – How will the Judge Rule?

Well well well… After a few weeks of hard work, sweat, tears, research and investigating, this project is finally done. I commend all the work that my friend and colleague Lisa Epstein, founder of has done to protect the people in this crisis on this project with the help of Legalprise, Inc. Below is … Read more

Did Palm Beach County Florida Just Announce it is a NON-Judicial County?

The image above reminds me of what is happening across our country regarding the mass foreclosure crisis… How can it be that there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people losing everything they ever had due to the same circumstances? Answer: FRAUD Fraud perpetrated on the people, not by the people… 20 million homeowner did not … Read more

Foreclosure Law Update – MBA’s National Mortgage Servicing Conference and Expo 2010

A record number of states revised foreclosure laws or enacted new requirements, such as mandatory mediation, in an effort to help delinquent borrowers save their homes. The panelists will discuss and analyze 2009 legislation affecting 1. FORECLOSURE NOTICES 2. M.E.R.S. Update 3. MEDIATION–A comparative analysis of state mediation requirements: California; Connecticut; Florida; New Jersey; New … Read more

Florida Chief Justice Peggy Quince Issues State Wide Mandatory Foreclosure Mediation Order

Final Report and Recommendations on Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Cases TALLAHASSEE — Facing the nation’s worst foreclosure crisis, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Peggy Quince has Ok’d recommendations from a panel of experts to order foreclosure cases into a new “managed mediation” program where debtors could try to negotiate their way out of losing their homes. … Read more