Fresh from the Pigs Ass – Bennett’s 2008 Contributor List

Fresh from the Pigs Ass… Scroll down for updates… UPDATE: 04/24/10 Senator Mike Bennett accepted thousands of dollars in contributions in each of his elections from the banking and finance industry.  See the highlighted entries from his campaign contributions report for the 2008 election below. With all of that money coming from the banksters, it’s no wonder … Read more

Rally in Tally WEAR 3 News Top Stories Video – Home Owners Facing Foreclosure came to the Capitol Wednesday to Drive a Stake in the Heart of the Bill

WEAR 3 NEWS TOP STORIES VIDEO Click through to view TALLAHASSEE – Bankers in Florida have been pushing legislation to reduce the amount of time it takes to foreclose on a home, but concerns seemed to have stopped the legislation dead in its tracks. A busload of home owners facing foreclosure came to the Capitol … Read more

Senator Michael Bennett – You are the Pigs Ass

Straight from The Pigs Ass WOW! TALK ABOUT AN ASS! ARROGANT SENATOR BENNETT, not even pretending to have concern for those thousands losing their homes in his district! For now, Republican Senator Mike Bennett has had to put the bill on hold, because the banks argue the bill is too consumer-friendly. With eight days … Read more

Stop Foreclosure Fraud, Homeowners Warn

Stop Foreclosure Fraud, Homeowners Warn By: Alex Tiegen | Posted: April 21, 2010 6:11 PM Cathie Dorman is fighting a legal battle to keep the bank from foreclosing on her house in Stuart, and she wants lawmakers to know it. She joined a group of 30 homeowners and lawyers Wednesday who traveled to the Capitol … Read more

SB 2270 SHUT DOWN for now… Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act for Nonhomestead Properties

SB 2270 will not be heard until next week. Sanchez the Florida Bankers Association President was shut down about two minutes into his speech and was told to come back next week if he is in town.. We will be there. Will you? Time to get to work… More coming… 4closureFraud

Introducing – 4closureFraud’s Sister Site

Welcome Aboard!!! A new site to host the Pigs Ass of the Week. Do you belong here? You won’t be disappointed… 4closureFraud

Florida Legislature – Banksters Propose Taking Foreclosures Out of Court – The Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act for Nonhomestead Properties

This is how it starts… The FBA introduce a watered down version of the The Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act (a must read) to the senate and then follow it up with a cowardly approach with a broader bill in the House. “Another version of the bill will be filed in the … Read more