Livinglies – Factual Constipation: The Urge to NOT Disclose

Posted on August 9, 2010 by Neil Garfield… EDITOR’S NOTE: FACTUAL CONSTIPATION is our current state of reality. It is the universal strategy across the board from Wall Street, the pretender lenders, servicers, and all other intermediaries in the gross illusion known as “securitization” of debt. We can’t get the information in court from Judges … Read more


From The Livinglies’s Weblog ~ “Trust me, I’m your friend.” “Hi! I want to be your Lender” (pretender lender) “I’ve got a great deal for you” “Here is the name of the underwriter of your loan.” “Here is the appraisal — it came in higher than your deal.” “You can rely on the appraisal” “It’s … Read more

Stop! Thief! Foreclosure Prevention 101

Neil Garfield LivingLies Nobody ever thought that returning a lady’s purse to her after a purse snatcher ran away with it was a gift. So why is anyone contesting returning the purse to homeowners who had their lives snatched from them? The baby steps of the Obama administration are frustrating. Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and … Read more

Rally in Tally: Homeowner Relief and Housing Recovery Act is a Sham and Shame

by Neil Garfield Editor’s Note: Due process requires that nobody be deprived of life, liberty or property without a judicial determination on the merits of claims against them. Non-judicial procedure runs a thin line that has not actually been tested constitutionally. Assuming it is valid by virtue of the “freedom of contract” doctrine, it still … Read more


FLORIDA HOMEOWNERS TO RALLY AT THE CAPITAL THIS WEEK Posted on April 19, 2010 by Neil Garfield For all of you who can not attend the Historic Rally in Tally, and still want to be part of the event, below is a press release that can be sent by email, fax, or phone to all of … Read more

Expert Witness Testimony Example – Neil Garfield LivingLies

Excellent Analysis on a Securitized Loan from Neil Garfield LivingLies “The note signed by said borrower and the mortgage-backed bond accepted by the investor who purchased said security are both evidence of the obligation. The Deed of Trust is intended to be incident to the note and possibly incident to the bond, if the chain … Read more

The Economics and Incentives of Yield Spread Premiums and Credit Default Swaps

Via LivingLies “Based upon the foregoing facts and circumstances, it is apparent that the securitization of mortgages over the last decade has been conducted on false premises, false representations, resulting in intentional and inevitable negative outcomes for the debtors and creditors in virtually every transaction. The clear provisions for damages and other remedies provided under … Read more