What Do You Owe and to Whom Do You Owe It? California Civil Code 2924

By George W. Mantor RISMEDIA, June 8, 2010—“Produce the Note” foreclosure defense strategies have given some people hope, albeit false in many cases, in defending their homes against unlawful foreclosures. Note that in 30 states there is no judicial review of the foreclosure documentation and no opportunity to raise the issue of standing unless the … Read more

Huffington Post – Homeowner Road Trip: Rally in Tallahassee

I did mention we were gaining some powerful allies didn’t I? Lets make this an event we will never forget! Be sure to join us at our Rally in Tally on Wednesday 21, 2010   Richard Zombeck HuffPost’s Eyes & Ears Mortgage Specialist Posted: April 17, 2010 12:30 PM Homeowner Road Trip: Rally in Tallahassee … Read more

HB 1523 & SB 2270 – Homeowner Relief & Housing Recovery Act & the Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act for Nonhomestead Properties – STOP the Madness of Nonjudicial Foreclosures in Florida

UPDATE 04/13/10 By Kimberly Miller Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Proposed legislation that would allow banks to foreclose on Florida homes without going to court died in a House committee Monday, giving supporters scant hope for success this year. But we are not done yet… SB 2270 is still alive… The Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act for … Read more

“Rally in Tally”- Lawyers for Homeowner’s Rights Rally in Tallahassee

VIA Matt Weidner’s Blog Attention Attorneys and Advocates: The Florida Legislature is in session until April 30th. There are a variety of bills pending in the legislature which threaten to dramatically change the practice of consumer law and would eliminate homeowner and consumer rights. The bankers, the foreclosure mills and other wrongdoers are lobbying Tallahassee … Read more