Is Justice Dead? Attorney Mark Stopa – Final Judgment of Foreclosure – Without a Hearing!

This comes in from Mark Stopa, you can check out his site here… Final Judgment of Foreclosure – Without a Hearing! I’ve had a lot of wild experiences in foreclosure cases, but this one might take the cake. … On September 2, 2010, I attended a hearing before Judge David Demers in Pinellas County Case No. … Read more

Judges in Pinellas County FL Have Begun to Deny Defendant’s Motions To Dismiss Without Hearing – A Stunning Denial of a Homeowner’s Fundamental Rights!

Ex-Parte Orders Denying Motions To Dismiss THE COURTHO– USE IS CLOSED TO LOCAL HOMEOWNERS WHO PAY TO KEEP IT OPEN! by Matthew D. Weidner, Esq. Last week I reported a rumor that judges in Pinellas County were going to begin denying Motions to Dismiss without having a hearing on the matter and accordingly, without fully … Read more