Check Out this Little Gem – GMAC’s Judy Faber, Possible Charges of Document Fabrication to Change Title

Well well well.. Now we are talkin… I have so much info on this issue to present in the coming days that will knock your socks off… Here is a great lead off into the realm of title fraud RE allonges that I will follow up with in my next post on this topic… Toxic … Read more

Toxic Titles – Following a Loan into a Mortgage-Backed Security

Random Repost Blast from the Past. Going to start off each day with a random repost from the archives… The Problem of Foreclosure Titles Securitized by MERS Now, here’s a Power Point Presentation that should be shown to anyone who has a shred of doubt that these banksters are committing  fraud. It was put together … Read more

Recently Discovered Flaw in Recording System Clouds Titles on Previously Foreclosed Properties

Looks like the title industry is starting to catch on… PRWEB The modern system of mortgage refinancing and assignments created during the housing boom has left behind a wave of title defects on properties that have ever had a foreclosure in their history, due to a loophole in the property records recording system. This has … Read more


The Problem of Foreclosure Titles Securitized by MERS So, I  was recently featured in a post by Karl Denninger, A Birdie On Possible Foreclosure Frauds The comments on my discoveries in The Tickerforum Comment Zone were very interesting as well. It was then followed up with Tying It Together: Massive, Pernicious Fraud the next day… … Read more

Toxic Titles – “Pretender Lenders” Walking Away from Foreclosures

Governor Elizabeth A. Duke At the Community Stabilization Symposium, NeighborWorks Training Institute, National Harbor, Maryland December 9, 2009 Keys to Successful Neighborhood Stabilization “Communities with weak underlying economies are characterized by a long trend of population loss, gradual impoverishment, and strained municipal resources. For cities like Cleveland, Detroit, and Indianapolis the increase in foreclosures over … Read more