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Posted by Doug Lyons on April 19, 2010 11:51 AM


By Denise Richardson

Editor’s Note: Denise Richardson is a consumer advocate and a community contributor to this blog. She can be reached at

Are you struggling with a deeply underwater mortgage, facing foreclosure, or banging your head against a wall waiting for a loan modification? Are you sick and tired of hearing about bank bailouts and bonuses, unemployed, or embarrassed by the stigma, the lies, the fraud, and all sorts of tricks and traps in the financial industry? If you are, you may want to GET ON THE BUS—the bus to Tallahassee, that is.

In similar fashion to the recent Florida Bankers Association’s annual “Capitol Day,” where bankers converged on the state Capitol in an all-out effort to promote the Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act (a banker proposed legislation that would allow banks to foreclose on Florida homes without going through the court system), Florida attorney Matt Weidner and citizen activists Lisa Epstein ( and Michael Redman ( have helped mobilize a powerful good old-fashioned Capitol day of their own.

The Freedom Ride to a Rally in Tally is set to roll out from east and west points of the state this Tuesday at midnight. A caravan of attorneys, consumers, homeowners and activists are headed out on a late-night trip set to converge on the Florida Capitol Wednesday morning. Organizers want to educate legislators and share their overall concerns over foreclosure practices and predatory lending and mortgage servicing practices.

It’s hard to turn on the news or pick up the paper without reading of ongoing civil and criminal investigations and judicial sanctions for misconduct within the financial industry. It is equally difficult to avoid the huge mass of stories from consumers across the country who have been caught in bad banking practices, steamrollered under foreclosure mills, or bamboozled in some way by the financial fallout of the crash.

With handouts and bailouts generously supplied to banks and entities deemed “too big to fail,” it seems the people have gotten lost. What about us? Aren’t we too big too fail, too?

If you’re tired of not being heard, get on the bus!

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