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“I was afraid for my life.”


“They said, ‘Taser her!
Taser her now!'”

Couple in Duluth SWAT Standoff Speaks


DULUTH, Ga. – A couple who lost their home to foreclosure and spent hours locked in a SWAT standoff with police when they refused to leave, talked about the situation Thursday.

The Grabers said they were living their version of the American dream. The Grabers said they owned their home for more than a decade when Howard Graber suffered a massive stroke. The Grabers said that’s when everything changed.

On Wednesday, Gwinnett County deputies went to the Graber’s Davenport Park Lane home to serve an eviction notice after the bank had foreclosed on the property. It turned into a four hour standoff and SWAT teams were called in.

“I was afraid for my life. I was afraid for my disabled husband’s life. There’s no way I was going to go to the front door,” said Noya Lee Graber.

Police eventually stormed the house. Howard Graber spent the night in jail.

“They said, ‘Taser her! Taser her now!’ and I got tasered right on my stomach,” said Noya Lee Graber.

The Grabers said their troubles started more than a year ago when Howard Graber had a massive stroke.

Howard Graber made a good living working with computers, but now he can no longer work and the bills have piled up.

“Sometimes the problem is I twist the words and forget what I’m supposed to say,” said Howard Graber.

“He’s the first one his family to own a home so it meant a lot to him to be able to buy our first home,” Noya Lee Graber.

The Grabers say they haven’t been back here to the home since they were evicted. When the Grabers were evicted from their home, everything they owned was placed on their Duluth lawn…

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