This post goes out to the “You don’t pay, you don’t stay” crowd…

Would you rather have a “deadbeat” living in the home and maintaining it until the banks take possession or would you rather have people and the properties end up like the one below?

Contact 13 Investigates: Foreclosed but not forgotten

From the report…

In February, 2008 B of A started foreclosure proceedings and sent the Cirillos a notice that they’d set a sale date.

“We decided to go ahead and move before that because we didn’t want to have to deal with waiting for that to happen and people pounding on our door and telling us to pack and move.”

So on June 12, 2008, they moved out, having no idea their name would stay behind.

“It’s financially ruined us. Our credit rating… they report us as being delinquent every month so our credit rating is completely gone. It’s made it very difficult for us to do anything.”

B of A has set eight sale dates on the Cirillo’s home over the last three years.

The most recent note says, “Your home will sell on February 3rd at 10:00 a.m.”

But like all the others, the date came and went, but the house never changed hands.

In the meantime, the Cirillos are being pursued from all angles.

For starters, there’s the HOA.

“They’re fining us–I believe it’s every 14 days–for everything that we’re not doing. They’re fining us for lack of paying dues, for the fact that our landscaping is dying, we’re not taking care of the house.”

The latest statement shows they owe $7,750 on a house they haven’t lived in for nearly three years.

Then there’s the $587 the City of Las Vegas is trying to collect from them for sewer fees, despite the fact that no one’s flushing any toilets or using any drains over there.


“We had a pool and there was some water sitting in the bottom of the pool so the Health Department attached a lien to the property.”

That one was for $127 dollars, and then there’s hazard insurance B of A took out on the home at the Cirillo’s expense.

The bill?

Almost $4,000.

“So this is a dark cloud that you guys just can’t seem to get out from under?” asked Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears.

“Apparently not,” Linda says, shaking her head.

When we went back to the house with Mike and Linda, we found a place full of ironies.

Perhaps the most bitter irony is the fact that the Cirillo’s can’t get their name off a house that they can’t even get into.

That’s because B of A changed the front door lock.

Read the full report with video here…