Usually when Freddie or Fannie pulls their files, other “clients” seem to follow suit. That’s what happened in previous instances anyway.

Freddie Mac takes foreclosure files from Fort Lauderdale-based Marshall C. Watson law firm

by Kim Miller

Federal mortgage backer Freddie Mac is taking its foreclosure cases from the Fort Lauderdale-based Marshall C. Watson law firm, one of eight Florida firms facing state scrutiny for its handling of home repossessions.

Brad German, a spokesman for Freddie Mac, confirmed the removal of the cases this morning, but did not say why Watson will no longer be used.

“Going forward our servicers will be directing business to other counsel,” German said.

In a statement, the Marshall C. Watson law firm said the parting was a mutual decision made by both sides.

“Freddie Mac and our firm mutually decided to part ways,” that statement said. “The Freddie Mac portfolio was only a small portion of the firm’s business, representing less than ten percent. Our firm will continue to work with Freddie Mac to ensure the transition of files is expedited and smooth. We are operating as normal with respect to all other clients and as always remain focused on providing superior service.”

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Yea, try and down play it… We will see how it works out for ya…

Just another example of more chaos in our court system which ultimately costs the taxpayers more money…