Bogus letter tells man with refinanced mortgage to pay balance

TAMPA – Two weeks before Glen Ables’ new, modified mortgage payment was to go into effect, a mysterious letter arrived in the mail. It threatened to derail the plan to save his house from foreclosure.

That letter, from a Tampa lawyer, said he and his wife had 30 days to send them the balance of their mortgage. And it came with what looked like a copy of a court document filed in the case.

“I called BB&T the next morning,” Ables said. “They were shocked I got this letter.”

Even more shocking is the document. The letter implies the document was filed in court. It even says, “13th Judicial Circuit In and for Hillsborough County” at the top. It lists the plaintiff as BB&T, and it’s signed by a lawyer.

The only thing missing is the case number, and no court document is filed without one. In fact, the form was never filed, and there has never been a foreclosure case filed against the Ables, according to a records request by The Tampa Tribune.

“I would say it’s fake,” Ables said. “I would say that it’s nothing more than a scam to scare people. And I believe that the group that does this did not do its homework.”

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