Now it has gotten to this?

Mark Stopa Thrown Out of Court (Literally)

Quite candidly, this is not the strongest argument I’ve ever made.  It’s technical.  I think I’m right, but I’m not going to criticize a judge for ruling against me.  The problem was that I was about 45 seconds into my argument, and had clearly not finished my argument, when the judge interrupted, said “you can argue all of that later in the case, the motion is granted.”

I immediately asked if the Order could so reflect, and he said “No, I’ve already signed the Order.”

At that point, I was pissed.  It wasn’t a matter of whether I was right or wrong on the merits of the motion.  It was a matter of the judge not even being willing to let me make the argument before making a ruling.  It’s not like I was rambling on and on, either – I had talked for less than a minute, with a very coherent argument, when he interrupted me (and signed an Order).

Aggravated at the obvious denial of due process, I began to argue more.  The judge refused to listen, saying the hearing was over.

I moved to disqualify him, arguing he refused to let me be heard.  He refused to rule on the motion to disqualify him, instead saying I was “out of order” and telling the bailiff to remove me from the courtroom.

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