This should be interesting…

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Thigpen will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 10 AM in the Blue Room of the Old County Courthouse, “to release the findings of an internal investigation into fraudulent mortgage documents from major banks.”

He will be joined by attorney Lynn Szymoniak, who appears in this 60 Minutes report. The CBS clip discusses the use of a single name, Linda Green, by multiple people employed to sign documents by mortgage mills, and focuses on a firm called DocX.

Thigpen: “I found about 5,000 robosigned certificate of satisfaction and mortage assignment docs from DocX, used by Wells Fargo, BofA and MERS…Wells Fargo is the biggest culprit in numbers.

“I have 2000 Linda Greens, 15 different signatures, clear fraud. Others as well. I’m sending the info to feds, state AGs, and demanding they fix this. It represents all that is wrong with our financial services industry.”

More info as we get it…