“This is a question of the courts being able to live within their means”

“We’ve got a budget and we’ve gotta stick to it.”


Welcome to the club guys!

So, you know the order we posted about the Florida courts not hearing foreclosure trials after July 1st 2011 cause they are broke?

Well, it got picked up by the Huffington Post AND the American Banker…

From the Huff…

‘Awful’ Florida Foreclosure Courts May Shut Down Due To GOP Budget Cuts

In a turn of events that consumer advocates are celebrating, Florida’s infamous “rocket docket” foreclosure courts may be on the verge of extinction, thanks to state budget cuts.

According to a document obtained by The Huffington Post, Palm Beach County has already started canceling foreclosure cases. “Because of the lack of funding from the Florida legislature, judges will be unable to preside over foreclosure trials beginning July 1, 2011,” the order reads.

Florida created its special foreclosure-only courts in order to prevent the enormous load of eviction cases from overwhelming other judicial functions. These courts earned their “rocket docket” label as judges began pushing through foreclosure cases as fast as possible, under circumstances that consumer advocates claim make it difficult for borrowers to receive a fair hearing. Judges routinely hear hundreds of cases in a day, with some hearings last as little as 20 seconds. Attorneys for homeowners say the courts do not receive sufficient funding to handle their caseloads.

Check out the rest of this one with Rick Scott’s comment at the end of the article here…
(Lot’s of comments on the story too)

And it was also picked up at American Banker…

Docket Demise

Don’t hold your breath in Florida foreclosure court.

The special “rocket dockets” established by the state last year to help slog through the backlog of foreclosure filings will be gone as of July 1, potentially paralyzing the already overloaded court system with an influx of cases and delays.

Already there are signs of disruptions.

In one case in Palm Beach County, a court order was issued May 12 canceling a calendar call on July 22.

The order said that, “because of the lack of funding by the Florida Legislature, judges are unavailable to preside over foreclosure trials beginning July 1, 2011.”

You can check out the rest here…

I guess this is what happens when you can’t pay your bills…