Wrongful home foreclosures rare not so rare – but devastating

Kamal Sharma almost lost his house in a foreclosure auction the other day. The funny thing is: He doesn’t even owe any money on it.

Sharma’s story – an extreme case even in Sacramento’s chaotic real estate market – shows that lenders continue to make foreclosure mistakes despite extensive publicity and promises to fix problems, which include sloppy paperwork and communication breakdowns.

“There are a lot of people that have been wrongly foreclosed upon,” said Kevin Stein, associate director of the San Francisco-based California Reinvestment Coalition.

Sharma’s troubles started last month when he arrived at his West Sacramento house one day to find a foreclosure notice from the servicing arm of Bank of America taped to the front door.

Sharma, 34, had paid $85,000 in cash for the three-bedroom home in March, using money from a settlement he received from a workplace accident in which he lost half of his left foot. He planned to rent the house out for income.

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