“Flower mound officers say they can’t remove him from the property because home ownership is a civil matter, not criminal.”


Guess what is good for the goose is good for the bankster…


A $330,000 home for $16? ‘This is not a normal process’

FLOWER MOUND — A little-known Texas law and a foreclosure could have a man in Flower Mound living on Easy Street.

Flower Mound’s Waterford Drive is lined with well-manicured $300,000 homes. So, when a new neighbor moved in without the usual sale, mortgage-paying homeowners had a few questions.

“What paperwork is it and how is it legally binding if he doesn’t legally own the house?” said Leigh Lowrie, a neighboring resident. “He just squats there.”

Lowrie and her husband said the house down the street was in foreclosure for more than a year and the owner walked away. Then, the mortgage company went out of business.

Apparently, that opened the door for someone to take advantage of the situation. But, Kenneth Robinson said he’s no squatter. He said he moved in on June 17 after months of research about a Texas law called “adverse possession.”

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Wonder if this will become a trend since it is a “civil matter.”

I can just imagine the new legal battles for the banks if this catches on…

Either way…

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