When are we going to put a stop to this?

How many have already been silenced, fired or suppressed?

How many more will be silenced, fired or suppressed?

This is no different than the ousting of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards from Bondi’s office.

We need everyone across the country to get on this one please. Repost it, email it, Facebook it, Stumble it, Digg it. Do whatever means necessary to get this message to as many people as you can.

We must not let them win.

For those of you who do not know April Charney, she is one of the pioneers in foreclosure defense and understanding the securitazion PONZI scheme that has wreaked havoc across the entire globe. Google her and you will see.

Now the reason for this Action Alert.

It appears April Charney is under attack.


The legal community is “very concerned and as you can imagine afraid to come forward and say anything because of the consequences to clients’ pending cases and themselves.”

As you can see, everyone and anyone who pushes back against the fraudclosure machine is threatened and or silenced. As for the attorneys in this fight, they have the potential of losing their bar licenses if they speak out, as we have seen in numerous cases in the past year or so.

That is why we are releasing this here. I am sure I will get push back on this but will deal with it accordingly.

The details picked up from Folioweekly.com…


Corporate lawyers and a Duval Judge fight dirty against Legal Aid attorney

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid attorney April Charney has proved a big pain in the ass for giant corporations in the middle of the foreclosure crisis like Deutsche Bank,  Wells Fargo Company and Jacksonville-based Lender Processer Services. She gummed up what had been routine and quick foreclosures with questions that led to an exposure of the fraud and forgery that drive many foreclosures. Charney was among the first attorneys to ask lenders to produce the proof  they really owned the loans and had the right to foreclose. Attorney generals opened investigations into foreclosure practices in 50 states. Jacksonville’s Lender Processing Services was in the middle of those investigations because it is one of the country’s largest loan servicers and because of the volume of legal documents that company representatives appear to have faked.

It’s not really surprising that attorneys whose law firms represent those big mortgage holders would like to silence Charney and punish her boss JALA executive director Michael Figgins for not reining her in. But it’s shocking that attorneys from Holland & Knight, the firm that represents LPS, and a local judge would be working behind the scenes to convince the JALA board to fire Figgins as a set up to go after Charney.

On August 3, Holland & Knight attorneys Buddy Schulz and Dominic MacKenzie and Duval County Circuit Court Judge Hugh Carithers hosted an informal lunch at the law offices with 10 members of the board of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and JALA board president Hugh Cotney. A painting of a pod of sharks that hangs in the lobby of Holland & Knight offices set the tone.

Schultz, MacKenzie and Judge Carithers, who told the group he wasn’t speaking as a judge but as a private person, yeah right, described Charney as a “loose cannon.” Cotney seemed to share their view.  They criticized her for embarrassing Jacksonville by bringing Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi to the foreclosure court of Judge A.C. Soud. (Taibbi wrote a wickedly scathing story on foreclosure in Florida that was  published in November 2010 issue of the magazine).

I wonder if this was something similar to the way they got rid of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards…

The article then goes on to say…

The lunch was billed as a casual one, but the intent was to build a consensus to replace Figgins. His contract is up for review and board members will be asked to make of vote of confidence in his leadership at their September meeting. In addition to Charney, the attorneys also opposed the surcharge on criminals tagged for JALA and a commercial where Figgins talks about the support of JALA by personal injury attorney Eddie Farah. A board member said it was wrong that Figgins wasn’t there to defend himself.  “It was kind of a covert friendly little conversation over lunch,” she said, “but it felt like a mutiny.”

Now if this does not disturb you enough to do something about it, I do not know what will.

These people think that they can threaten anyone who stands in their way to defraud the American People of their wealth.

I for one will not stand for it.

So you ask, what can you do?

Well, I am glad you did.

I happen to have a copy of all the JALA board members along with their emails, phone numbers, fax lines and even their addresses, just in case you wanted to write them a letter, or stop by and speak with them directly.

I also happen to stumble upon the contact info of that “private citizen,” I mean judge, that was also at this nice luncheon. (904) 630-2395

Now, what I want you all to do is to call, email, fax, write, visit every member on that list and tell them how outraged you are about this situation and these threats from the corporate entities and their attorneys need to stop.

We need everyone’s help on this one so please take a few minutes to at the very least send some emails or make some phone calls.

This is one of the only methods that seem to work with favorable results these days.

We need Citizen Warriors across the country to stand up and say no more.

Are you one of them?

Board Member list below.

Oh, and btw, I forgot to mention that “private citizen” judge Carithers, was ordered to remove himself from a foreclosure proceeding by Bank of America Corp.’s Countrywide unit last year after the homeowner claimed the judge received a discount loan from an affiliate of the mortgage lender.

Circuit Judge Hugh Carithers in Jacksonville, Florida, must enter a recusal order and ask Chief Circuit Judge Donald Moran to pick a replacement, a district court of appeals ruled today.

Joseph W. Mines Jr., who is representing himself in the foreclosure proceeding, alleged the judge had received favorable interest rates not available to the public in his own dealings with a lender affiliated with Countrywide, court records show. Mines’s home was just about to be sold when he filed his claim seeking the judge’s removal, according to the case docket.

The case is Countrywide v. Mines, 2007-CA-6852, Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida (Jacksonville).


Not me…

Now get to work!

UPDATE: We are told that well known criminal defense attorney Hank Coxe was at the meeting too.







Executive Committee

President                               Hugh Cotney1st  Vice President                 Renee Harrell2nd Vice President                Vickey Murphy


Secretary               David BarksdaleTreasurer              Bill White


David Barksdale, Esq.

Bedell, Dittmar, DeVault, Pillans & Coxe

101 East Adams Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Tel:  (904) 353-0211

Fax:  (904) 353-9307

Email:  odb@bedellfirm.com

Appointed:              10/17/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


Rebeccah L. Beller, Esq.

Beller & Bustamante, PL

12627 San Jose Blvd., Ste 703

Jacksonville, FL  32223

Tel:  (904) 288-4414

Fax:  (904) 288-4437

Email:  rebeccah@bellerandbustmante.com

Appointed:              03/18/08

Term Began:           01/01/09


William O. Birchfield, Esq.

Birchfield & Humphrey, P.A.

1031 LaSalle St.

Jacksonville, FL  32207

Tel:  (904) 396-6625

Fax:  (904) 396-6624

Email:  wobirchfield@birchfieldhumphrey.com

Appointed:              03/17/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Robert M. Bradley, Jr., Esq.

Kopelousos & Bradley P A

P.O. Box 562

Orange Park, FL  32067-0562

Tel:  (904) 269-1111

Fax:  (904) 269-1115

Email:  rob@claylawyers.com

Appointed:              11/16/10

Term Began:           01/01/11


Hugh Cotney, Esq.

Hugh Cotney, P.A.

233 E. Bay St., Ste. 905

Jacksonville, FL  32202

Tel.:  (904) 356-0162

Fax:  (904) 355-51710

Email:  cotneypa@bellsouth.net

Appointed:              03/21/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


Guy Victor Murray, Esq.

Guy Victor Murray, P.A.

118 W. Adams St., Ste 320

Jacksonville, FL  32202

Tel.:  (904) 353-0001

Fax:  (904) 353-8341

Email:  guyvictormurray@bellsouth.net

Appointed:              10/16/07

Term Began:           01/01/08


Rhonda Peoples-Waters, Esq.

Law Office of Rhonda Peoples-Waters

625 Union St W., Ste 2

Jacksonville, FL  32202-4764

Tel:  (904) 377-2109

Fax:  (904) 355-6006

E-Mail:  rhondapwaters@yahoo.com

Appointed:              11/17/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Lois V. Ragsdale, Esq.

Florida Coastal School of Law

8787 Baypine Rd., Ste 268

Jacksonville, FL  32256-8528

Tel:  (904) 680-7661

Fax:  (904) 680-7693

Email:  lragsdale@fcsl.edu

Appointed:              11/16/10

Term Began:           01/01/11


E. Lanny Russell, Esq.

Smith Hulsey & Busey

P.O. Box 53315

Jacksonville, FL  32201-3315

Tel:  (904) 359-7700 

Fax:  (904)

E-Mail:  lrussell@smithhulsey.com

Appointed:              11/17/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Tatiana Radi Salvador Esq.

Rogers Towers, P.A.

1301 Riverplace Blvd., Ste. 1500

Jacksonville, FL  32207-9000

Tel:  (904) 398-3911 

Fax:  (904) 396-0663

Email:  tsalvador@rtlaw.com

Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Anna C. Shea, Esq.

FIS, Law Department

601 Riverside Ave, T-11

Jacksonville, FL  32204-2901

Tel:  (904) 854-5808

Fax:  (904) 357-1077

Email:  anna.shea@fisglobal.com

Appointed:              08/15/06

Term Began:           01/01/07




Jeff Goldhagen, M.D.

Professor, University of Florida College of Medicine at Jacksonville

Department of Pediatrics, Division of Community Pediatrics

Chief, Division of Community Pediatrics

3rd Floor, LRC

653-1 West 8th St.

Jacksonville, FL  32209

Tel:  (904) 244-7023

Email:  Jeffrey.Goldhagen@jax.ufl.edu

Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


The Rev. Deborah M. Jackson

5620 Columbia Place

Jacksonville, FL 32210

Tel:  904 249 4091

Mobile: 904 945 2893

Email:  jack393@bellsouth.net

Appointed:              10/16/07

Term Began:           01/01/08


Ken Lovell


Vice President, Media Development

110 PGA TOUR Boulevard

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Tel:  (904) 273-3385

Fax:  (904) 543-2133

Mobile:  (904) 608-3862

Email:  wklovell@yahoo.com

Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10




Thomas S. Edwards, Jr., Esq.

Edwards & Ragatz P A

501 Riverside Ave. Ste 601

Jacksonville, FL  32202-4937

Tel:  (904) 399-1609

Fax:  (904) 399-1615

Email:  tse@edwardsragatz.com

Appointed:              11/16/10

Term Began:           01/01/11


Steven M. Fahlgren, Esq.

Steven M. Fahlgren, P.A.

552382 U.S. Highway 1, North

Hilliard, FL  32046

Tel:  (904) 845-2255

Fax:  (904) 845-3934

Email:  stevefahlgren@gmail.com

Appointed:              03/18/08

Term Began:           01/01/09


Bryan S. Gowdy, Esq.

Creed & Gowdy, P.A.

865 May St.

Jacksonville, FL  32204

Tel.:  (904) 350-0075

Fax:  (904) 350-0086

Email:  bgowdy@appellate-firm.com

Appointed:              02/20/07

Term Began:           01/01/08


Renee D. Harrell, Esq.

Harrell & Harrell, P.A.

4735 Sunbeam Rd.

Jacksonville, FL  32257

Tel:  (904) 251-1111

Fax:  (904) 251-1110

Email:  rharrell@forjustice.com

Appointed:              08/15/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


Cynthia C. Hunold, Esq.

Office of the Public Defender

25 N. Market St.

Jacksonville, FL  32202

Tel:  (904) 630-1440

Fax:  (904) 630-1592

Email:  cch@pd4duval.coj.net

Appointed:              02/16/11

Term Began:           01/01/12


Thomas Slater, Esq.

Pajcic & Pajcic

One Independent Drive, Suite 1900

Jacksonville, FL  32202

Tel:  (904) 358-8881

Fax:  (904) 354-1180

Email:  tom@pajcic.com

Appointed:              01/18/05

Term Began:           01/01/06

Term Expires:         12/31/11


Bill White, Esq.

1307 4th St

Neptune Beach, FL  32266-4701

Tel:  (904) 502-2141 


Email:  whitewp@hotmail.com

Appointed:              03/17/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


John J. Wolfel, Jr., Esq.

Foley & Lardner, LLP

1 Independent Dr.,  Ste 1300

Jacksonville, FL   32202-5017

Tel:  (904) 359-2000, ext.  8778


Email:  jwolfel@foley.com

Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10



Ms. M.J. Bouchard

293 Pradera Street

St. Augustine, FL  32086

Tel:  (904) 974-9169 or (866) 587-8017

Fax:  (904)

Email:  quiltingfun@bellsouth.net

Appointed:              10/20/09

Term Began:           01/01/10


Ms. Vickey Murphy

1015 North Liberty St.

Jacksonville, FL  32206

Tel:  (904) 713-7305

Email:  madamemurphy@hotmail.com

Appointed:              12/19/06

Term Began:           01/01/07


Ms. Frances Pullins

848 Crestwood St.

Jacksonville, FL  32208

Tel:  (904) 765-2753

Email:  fpullins@yahoo.com

Appointed:              12/19/06

Term Began:           01/01/07