Tampa Judges – Expediency Over Accuracy?

Ever since the senior judge system ended in Hillsborough County, I’ve had one frustrating experience after another with the judges in Tampa.  It’s gotten so bad recently that I’ve often wondered “do you care about accuracy, or just expediency?”

Today, for example, I received an Order from Judge Bergmann denying a Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Quash Service without notice and without hearing.  Unfortunately, these types of Orders have become all too common in recent weeks, at least so far as Motions to Dismiss go.  What particularly irked me about this one, though, was the judge’s ruling that:

Defendant’s Motion to Quash is denied.  Defendant submitted himself to the jurisdiction of the Court by filing a Motion for Extension of Time, before filing the Motion to Quash.

You can check out the rest of Mark’s commentary along with his motion here…

Copy of letter below…




Letter to Judge Bergmann RE Motion to Quash Denied w/o Hearing

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