“Suspension of Endres for six months is wholly inadequate. David Endres should be disbarred, if not put in jail. His fraudulent robo-signing eviction mill caused the mass eviction of thousands of tenants and undermined the integrity of the judicial system.  He should never be permitted to practice law in this state again.


From the Order…


Respondent had minimal direct supervisory contact with the staff that prepared the legal
pleadings, filings and motions. Respondent failed to adequately supervise the staff, failed to review
most of the legal pleadings, filings and motions and declarations and failed to sign his name to many of
those documents. Instead, respondent delegated that responsibility to the non-attorney department

By failing to supervise his staff, by delegating to non-attorneys the responsibility to provide legal
advice to staff regarding the contents of the legal pleadings, filings and motions, and by permitting nonattorneys
to sign respondent’s name to legal pleadings, filings and motions, including declarations
executed under penalty of perjury, respondent aided the unauthorized practice of law, in willful violation
of Rules of Professional Conduct, rule 1-300(A).


In each case respondent filed, respondent submitted to the court a verification to support the
Verified Complaint for Unlawful Detainer. It stated: “I have read the foregoing Verified Complaint for
Unlawful Detainer and know its contents.”

In truth and in fact, respondent had not read the complaint and was unaware of its contents since
he had not reviewed the complaint.

Respondent sought to mislead the court when he claimed he had read the complaint and was
aware of its contents when respondent knew that the statements contained in the verification were

By submitting documents to the court stating that he had read the complaint and was aware of its
contents when respondent had not done so, respondent sought to mislead judicial officers, in willful
violation of Business and Profession Code section 6068

Now, if this only would happen to the Foreclosure Mill Attorneys here in Florida…


Robo-signing California Attorney Should be Disbarred, Not Suspended, For Illegal Evictions after Foreclosure

The State Bar of California has issued an order suspending Davis attorney David Endres for illegally evicting residents of foreclosed properties. Endres has been notorious for pursuing eviction cases on behalf of major banks after foreclosure in violation of federal, state and local law. The order calls for Endres to be suspended from practice for six months and required to pay the costs of the proceeding in the amount of $4,000.

It is encouraging to see the Bar taking action to police unethical eviction lawyers in California. These attorneys are displacing massive numbers of renters and homeowners, using illegal tactics to do the banks’ dirty work. Meanwhile, the banks that hire these lawyers falsely claim that they are following all tenant protection laws.

Year after year in this foreclosure crisis, an estimated two hundred thousand renters in California lose their homes because their landlords fail to pay their mortgages and the properties go into foreclosure. After foreclosure, banks typically purge the properties of residents, including innocent tenants who want nothing more than to continue paying rent and living in their homes. Post-foreclosure owners routinely violate tenant protection laws, including the federal Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act which established a minimum notice period of 90 days for eviction. These evictions displace families are create prolonged vacancies and blight in communities across California.

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Court Order below…

If this was a Foreclosure DEFENSE attorney, they would have been disbarred and jailed…




Suspension Order David Endres