Another Week, Another Bank Break In, Another Example of Bank Crime Unpunished…


Earlier today, another client called with another one of the stories that make me FURIOUS!

My client was a victim of a home burglary.  A break in.  Her sense of privacy and security has been totally violated.  Her delusion that laws exist to protect and that law enforcement exists to protect her has been seriously shaken.

But as we all learn again and again and again.  The banks are above the law.  The banks can steal billions of dollars. The banks can commit gross and systemic fraud. The banks can engage in widespread abusive practices. The banks can take hundreds of billions of dollars from the United States Treasury and do nothing for the American people.

But the one very real example that shows how gross and out of control the banks are is when they are permitted to kick down the doors, break into a home in broad daylight. And when police are called, they just turn around and walk away.  In this particular case, the police interrogated my client and tried to force her to prove she owned her home.

Oh, and the kicker…..the client is not even in foreclosure.

That’s right ladies and gentleman….another bank break in featuring a client who is not even in foreclosure.

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