DOER ALERT: Wells Fargo Bank… How could you do this to a mother of four?

“Integrity is not a commodity. It’s the most rare and precious of personal attributes. It is the core of a person’s — and a company’s — reputation.”

John Stumpf, Chairman and CEO, Wells Fargo Bank

Doug and Holly built their home in Raleigh, North Carolina back in 1994. It’s the only home their four children… ages 12, 13, 15 and 18… have ever known. For something like 18 years, they never missed a mortgage payment. I spoke with Holly for a couple hours last night… she’s simply as nice a person as I can imagine exists.

In 2009, the recession hit Doug’s business pretty hard… but no surprise there right? He certainly was far from alone. And I would think that Wells Fargo should at least somewhat understand that situation. After all, the federal government’s taxpayer funded bailout that year sent $38.6 billion Wells Fargo’s way, isn’t that right Mr. Stumpf? No matter.

Holly wrote to me yesterday… her message began by saying:

“Time is of the essence. I am writing to you today for your help.”

Here’s how her message ended:

“We really need to be out of our house today but Freddie mac put it out in the public that we have until January 3, 2011. I asked Wells Fargo and their attorney to put that in writing but they wouldn’t. They just agreed to it.

However, I am afraid that they will send the sheriff out today to lock us out of our home. We have not moved yet as we are still under review. Can you help us by pointing us in the right direction? We are so desperate.”

Now, head on over to Mandelman’s site and take action…

You can get there by clicking here and assisting with his request for DOERS…

Email addresses for Wells Fargo are at the bottom of his post…