Bank of America held the Cannings first mortgage. It was supposed to be paid off during the transfer. Since the money never made it to them, the Cannings basically have two mortgages on their home.

Bank of America wants its money back so it’s foreclosing on their home.


Stolen Wire Transfer Leaves Family In Foreclosure

Russian Mob Allegedly Stole Refinance Money

DENVER — A simple refinance more than two years ago has a Parker family fighting for their home after the Russian mafia allegedly stole money during a wire transfer.

Now the family’s home faces foreclosure again, with a hearing scheduled for Jan. 25.

7NEWS reporter Dayle Cedars first uncovered this story in 2010, 11 months after the family learned their first mortgage had not been paid.

“I just want to wake up tomorrow and know this is my house,” said Kim Canning, of Parker.

Canning and her husband Tim said every waking hour is pretty much spent trying to figure out a way to save their home from foreclosure.

In September of 2009, the Cannings refinanced their home with Ryan Rodenbeck of Classic Title. At some point when the funds were being transferred online to Chase Bank, $900,000 disappeared.

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