Defend Brooklyn homes from foreclosure today by stopping the auctions!

Date(s) – Thu. Jan 26 2012
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Brooklyn Supreme Court
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY

1-2pm – Meet first at FUREE, 81 Willoughby Street, Room 701, Downtown Brooklyn



1-2pm – Meet at FUREE, 81 Willoughby Street, Room 701, Downtown Brooklyn

  1. Give names and contact information to the legal support team
  2. Check-in with our media folks
  3. Review the courtroom layout/game plan
  4. Tune up!

2pm – People start trickling into the courthouse in small groups or individually. Brooklyn Supreme Court is located at 360 Adams Street. There are entrances to the court on all sides of building. It is best to bring as little with you as possible. It is suggested that you bring no more than your ID (a must!) and some quarters and a snack/water. Anything else may be confiscated in the event of an arrest and may be difficult to get back from the NYPD is a timely manner. Glass is prohibited in the courthouse. Cameras are prohibited in the courthouse.

2-2:40pm – Gather and wait in the Jury Room on the main floor (2nd floor) of the courthouse. There are restrooms and vending machines in the Jury Room. It is a large room — spread yourselves out! And relax!

2:45pm – Make our way down the hall to the auction in Room 224. The auction starts promptly ay 3pm!

The song and the blockade from October (for inspiration, information) can be heard/seen at:

If you have any legal questions, you can contact Paul Keefe at

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