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Senators in the legislature on Monday, Feb. 20, will vote on SB 1890, a bill designed to fast track foreclosures. Ignoring recent lawsuits and investigations into the fraud committed by the banks, Senator Jack Latvala, R-District 16, has introduced a bill that prevents homeowners from challenging the loss of their home, even if the foreclosure was fraudulent. This would mean that someone can buy a foreclosed property with clear title, even if the foreclosing party didn’t own the home. The bill also requires the Supreme Court to unnecessarily amend existing statutes and rules of civil procedures. Opponents to this bill feel this further demonstrates that fraud was involved in most of the foreclosure lawsuits, and that this simply attempts to “sweep it under the rug.”

The companion bill, HB 213, sponsored by Kathleen Passidomo, was scheduled to be heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Feb.16. Upon learning that busloads of Floridians were organizing to present their objections at the hearing, the bill was removed from the schedule.

Instead of hearing HB 213 on Feb. 16, the Judiciary Committee debated for two hours on a bill that would give legislators and their staff full immunity in perpetuity from being called as witnesses, or deposed on their intent, when creating new legislation. This protects them from providing the public with full disclosure required under the Sunshine Laws. The bill passed the house and will soon go to the senate.

Citizens have begun mobilizing to return to Tallahassee on Monday. They plan to appear in the Senate Judiciary Committee and demonstrate their opposition to SB 1890.

The attached letter, and supplemental information, to the Florida Senate is being forwarded to each member of the Senate, the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the State’s Attorney General, the Florida ACLU, The Florida Press Association, the Florida Supreme Court, and to various, and numerous, Internet Weblog sites. Please read the attached with the understanding that the people of the State of Florida will not tolerate unconstitutional acts by their government’s elected leaders who are expected and anticipated to govern themselves accordingly.



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