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A particularly determined opponent of fraudclosures refused to allow his constitutional property rights and his constitutional due process rights to be violated. He fought and fought and fought.

Mr. Duvall’s case went all the way up to the Ohio Supreme Court, where the fraudclosing entity realized the weakness of their position and the possibility of a state Supreme Court issuing a decision that would prevent fraudclosures across Ohio. The fraudclosing bank and their mill attorneys knew they were caught with fabricated, fraudulent real estate documents. They were concerned that, under the scrutiny of Ohio Supreme Court judges, there would be a little problem with the lack of authentic, valid, legal proof of their right to foreclose. In order to moot the case, US Bank as Trustee and/or their fruadclosure mill offered a settlement that was too good to refuse which included the wiping out of the mortgage with a satisfaction recorded in the public records. Both parties informed the Ohio Supreme Court of their desire to drop the case. The Ohio Justices allowed the case to be dropped.

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See, like the Pino case reported yesterday, banks will go to great lengths to avoid facing a court populated by a majority of judges who may not be bank-puppets. Of course, it’s becoming more and more known (even to judges) that widespread securtization fail (lack of proper, legal, contractual conveyance of mortgages and notes) was one of the stops on the way to millions of fraudclosures (fabrication of real estate documents & fraud upon American courts to cover-up for securitization fail).

The investors were notified in a timely manner of the ………….ahem………….”liquidation” of this “asset” but boy…oh….boy did they take a loss on this one.

Let’s break it down shall we?

Trust: US Bank as Trustee for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc. Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-WFHE2

Servicer: Wells Fargo

Securitization Fail/Fraudclosure clues: Two Fraudulent assignments of mortgage, one fabricated in 2008 (South Carolina Wells Fargo document signer Anita Antonelli ) and one fabricated in 2011 (Minnesota Wells Fargo document signer Scott Heurkins)

Original mortgage $90,000

The June 2011 (page 16) shows Mr. Duvall’s loan (# 0157265091) as incurring a loss of $124,595.99.  This is broken down as $88,511.78 in principal losses and $36,084.21 in “delinquent interest).

It shows this loss as a hit to the investors to the tune of 140.768%.  **Notice this shows the status as “delinquent” when it was really in “foreclosure” status.

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It’s not so bad! To be fair, the July 2011 (page 17) investor report shows a credit back to the trust of $132.  This credit is towards “principal losses”.

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Total loss to MBS investors (remember this might be your or your loved ones’ retirement funds or your county’s funds for making payroll to public employees)? $124,463.99

Think a moratorium on fraudclosures is warranted so we can investigate these newly uncovered layers of fraud and come up with sustainable solutions for families and investors while indicting the financial criminals? Maybe if we insist and demand this now we can save both American families and our retirement/pensions/municipality investments from continued harm?



Duvall Satisfaction

Duvall CMLTI 2007-WFHE2 Loan 157265091 Pg 16 2011 June Report

Duvall CMLTI 2007-WFHE2 2011 Loan 157265091 Pg 17 July Report

Duvall Wells Assignment of Mortgage REDO 2011 May

Duvall Mortgage

88511.78 36084.21 124596