Lovingston couple wins state Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court of Virginia ruled in favor of a Lovingston-area couple in their fight against the foreclosure of their property.

On April 20, the court decided the lender failed to comply with terms of the mortgage taken out by Richard M. and Karin L. Mathews that required a face-to-face meeting before beginning the foreclosure process. It also overturned Circuit Court Judge Michael Gamble’s ruling the meeting wasn’t required under U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations because the mortgage company’s offices were too far away.

Court records show the Mathewses fell behind on their loan payments and the holder of their note, PHH Mortgage Corp., appointed another company to begin foreclosure.

A foreclosure sale was set for early November 2009. The day before the sale, the couple filed a complaint in Nelson County Circuit Court to stop it, noting PHH representatives were required to meet with them at least 30 days before beginning foreclosure but did not.

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Mathews v PHH