“Judicial foreclosure has little momentum in the legislature. For now, backers suggest they’ll focus on more attainable aspects of the foreclosure problem like blight and scrap metal theft.


Ingham Official, Others Frustrated Over MI Foreclosure Practices

Last summer, Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Jr. threw his support behind a proposal to reform Michigan’s foreclosure practices. The measure is an effort to join 23 other states by enacting “judicial” foreclosure in Michigan.

Under the approach, a judge is assigned to personally review the details of all home foreclosures. Advocates say that exposes an often bewildering process to more scrutiny and reduces cases of wrongful foreclosure.

A year later–with dozens of dubious foreclosures fresh in his mind– Hertel and others are frustrated that the bill sits in committee, apparently going nowhere.

Four years after the housing crisis, Ingham County still records about 1500 home foreclosures a year. A Meridian Township woman we’ll just call Patty–at her request–says it’s a jarring experience.

“When a sheriff comes to your door and tells you you have 48 hours to move and you have three children and you have no resources and you’ve done everything, you’ve done everything you were supposed to do, followed the law, did it by the (book) and they still…that’s pretty scary,” she says.

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