Formal Criminal Charge Filed in Florida Against Lorraine Brown, President of Notorious Foreclosure Document Processor DocX


The US Attorney in the Middle District of Florida, Robert O’Neill, has submitted an information, basically a criminal charge without the use of a grand jury for the indictment, of Lorraine Brown, the founder of DocX, for the fraudulent production of mortgage assignments, notarizations, and other documents used to foreclose on borrowers (h/t 4closure fraud).

Previously, Brown had been indicted by the state of Missouri for the same practices. However, in a settlement, Missouri sought to settle with the parent company of DocX, Lender Processing Services (LPS), in exchange for their assistance in the Brown investigation (LPS also settled with Colorado recently). This led to the odd circumstance of Missouri alleging criminal conspiracy charges against a single individual, a logical impossibility. You have to conspire with someone to have a conspiracy, after all. Somebody had to buy the documents from DocX. And the idea that Brown came up with the notion of getting her employees to sign false mortgage documents, falsify notarizations and forge signatures entirely on her own is pretty dubious. Much like the UBS rogue trader convictions, stringing up Brown for being a “rogue document processor” divorced from the parent company makes no sense.

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