The Forecloser

Attorney a hit after representing couple who tried to collect from Bank of America

EAST NAPLES — Some friends questioned whether it was a good idea to show up at a Bank of America branch with a repo van, demanding that the bank pay up.

Yet rookie attorney Todd Allen still took the chance and it has paid off.

Allen made national news when he arrived at a Bank of America branch on Davis Boulevard in East Naples in June 2011 with Collier County sheriff’s deputies, a moving company and a court writ permitting them to seize furniture and cash to satisfy the $2,500 judgment. It was a last alternative.

He left after the branch manager cut a check for the judgment and expenses incurred in executing the levy.

“I rolled the dice,” said Allen, who had been a lawyer for eight months at the time. “It could have backfired. It could have been a career-limiting move, but I felt that I had to take the risk and do it.”

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