Street Justice… Was Dorner Right?

By George Mantor

Editors Note: If you have the time, I suggest reading his manifesto here…
It is long, but it goes into the depths of his mind and helps one understand what has brought this man to this point…

Well, now, it’s come down to this. Let’s see, what might have prevented this, more guns, or fewer guns? More lethal bullets or less lethal bullets?

Two women in a blue Toyota Tacoma were mistaken by police officers for a suspect driving a Grey Nissan Titan and their truck was riddled with gunfire, not by the Taliban but by Los Angeles police detectives searching for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

Later they gunned down another truck driving motorist.

What are the implications of a decorated and well trained public servant going all Colonel Kurtz on his former comrades? Is he crazy? Is he wrong?

This story is going to take a while to unwind but already a couple of things are clear. Law enforcement has no intention of allowing Dorner to testify at a trial and the police detectives in this case are such terrible shots that their guns should be taken away for their own and everyone else’s protection.

If they weren’t such horrific shots these women would both be dead.

I can just hear it now. “The elderly woman appeared to be reaching for something in her waist band.”

That’s my favorite. There always reaching for something in their waist band. That never made any sense to me. When you wear falling-down, dragging-on-the-ground, baggy-ass pants it’s hard to conceal anything in the waist band…and keeping it there.

Ask NFL player Plaxico Burress who shot himself in the leg when his Glock .40 slid down his pant leg.

Fully loaded, a Glock .40 weighs over 31 ounces. Unless you are wearing undersized Sansabelts gravity is going to win.

The other thing that has been made clear is that the rest of us are warned that if they even think for a second that we are Dorner because we are either large, black, driving to slowly, or driving any manner of truck, without regard to make, model, or color, they will shoot every piece of flesh, clean off our bones, without thinking about it twice.

This is some serious shit going down here. I think of vein of truth has been opened and some ugly revelations are going to get some heat and light. Dorner may be crazy but he might still be right. Gunning down unidentified motorists, hoping to stop one of their own from telling his story, demonstrates quite clearly that civil rights no longer mean much to law enforcement.

Editors Note: Again, if you have the time, I suggest reading his manifesto here…