2 investigates: Veterans fighting against foreclosure

ATLANTA — Over the past few months, Channel 2 Action News has heard from dozens of veterans who are fighting to save their homes from foreclosure.

A local attorney says the veterans are being targeted, and he calls it the most revolting thing he’s ever seen. Channel 2’s Craig Lucie has learned taxpayer money is involved.

A handful of big banks are offering settlements to some veterans who were foreclosed on, but it’s not much and it only applies to certain cases.

Army veteran John and his wife, Lydia, said their hell started after they applied for a home loan modification.

“I was not in foreclosure. I wasn’t behind in my mortgage,” Smith said. “They were the ones who insisted I apply for a loan modification.”

Smith said Chase Bank told him the modification would take 45 days, but instead it took two years. He said during the process, Chase told him not to pay on the mortgage.

“And one day, all of a sudden, I started getting papers in the mail that it was $1,600 for three months, and then $20,000 for the next,” Smith said.

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