Real Estate: What it Takes to Earn Money Fixing and Flipping Homes

With the economy currently a seller’s market, people with an interest in flipping properties are considering it as a new venture. Listed below are a few tips to achieve success fixing and flipping homes. Earnings Potential As housing prices continue to rise, the market for fixing and flipping homes grows. To make more off each … Read more

Money Trouble? Here a Few Things You Thought You Would Never Consider, but Should

No one expects to have money trouble when they start out in life. Upon graduation, the only thing you feel is elation over the accomplishment. You might also be thinking about moving on to college and having your first taste of independence. Once you enter college, you start to get some sense of money, and … Read more

Advice For Managing Debt During The Pandemic

Debt is something that many Americans are familiar with, from credit card debt, medical debt, to private student loan debt. The coronavirus pandemic this year has created chaos in many different ways and has created financial difficulties for many, whether this is losing their job, struggling to keep up with payments, losing their home, having … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Dealing with Personal Debt

Debt can take many forms. Some debt is acceptable and expected, like student debts, credit card debts, or the kinds of debt that you incur after taking out a loan that you know will take a long time to pay off. Other forms of debt are more insidious and can be unexpected or dramatic when … Read more

6 Tips for Dealing with a Bad Landlord

More than 100 million Americans currently rent their home, and although this choice of housing comes with many benefits, including financial flexibility and lower maintenance costs, it does also mean dealing with a landlord. Of course, out of the millions of landlords currently managing properties in the U.S, the vast majority will be above board … Read more

Financial Tips For Going Through A Divorce

Going through a divorce will always be difficult and impact just about every area of your life. This will include your finances; in fact, this is often one of the most complex, challenging, and emotional areas of the divorce to go through, especially if your finances are intertwined, money is an issue, and you have … Read more

Divorces for Same-Sex Couples: A Complete Guide

When your relationship reaches a natural endpoint or when you have found that divorce is the only option to remove yourself from a damaging union, it can be difficult to know what to do. This is the case for both heterosexual and same-sex marriages. Nonetheless, in the case of same-sex unions, there are some unique … Read more

2020 Bailouts vs 2008 Financial Crisis Bailout Tracker, TARP, AIG, TBTF

Can 2020 Top 2008? The government provided money to hundreds of banks and a handful of insurers and automakers in 2008 as part of the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. Can they out-do themselves in 2020? We are about to find out… Troubled ASSET RELIEF PROGRAM Financial rescue plan aimed at restoring liquidity to … Read more