Trap 1: Not hiring a mortgage defense attorney who believes in winning.
Truth: You will lose your home.

Trap 2: Trusting the bank is delaying your foreclosure lawsuit while “considering” your loan modification application.
That’s a LIE. The Bank’s game is to keep you from defending the foreclosure until the Court orders your house sold and you lose your home.

Trap 3: Paying a Loan Modification Company or Loan Modification Attorney for a loan modification. THERE ARE NO loan modifications.
The Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP) is not  guaranteed loan modification; it’s free, if your lender is participating; and, if you agree to a HAMP loan modification, you become worse off than a renter. The truth is, loan modification is not available because the Banks DO NOT own your Note. The Note was sold to a Trust, whose investors often won’t agree to a loan modification.

Trap4: Trusting the Loan Modification Company or Loan Modification Attorney handling your foreclosure suit.
No one is DEFENDING your foreclosure suit. Result: You lose your home.

Trap 5: Signing an answer handed to you by a non-attorney or Loan Modification Attorney as a “Pro Se” defendant.
“Pro Se” means you are representing yourself and you may be admitting to something you do not want to admit. Result: you lose your home.

Trap 6: Ignoring the foreclosure complaint.
Truth: Big Mistake! Result: You lose your home.

Trap 7: Thinking Bankruptcy will solve the foreclosure.
Truth: Bankruptcy may be an option but in most cases it only stalls the foreclosure. You need to seek an attorney who will explain the difference as well as your options.

Trap8: Mortgage Defense Attorneys are expensive.
Truth: Not True! It’s more cost effective and adventitious to defend the foreclosure than to seek a Loan Modification or walk away. Fighting is the ONLY way you will win. And you CAN win!

Trap 9: There are no defenses against foreclosure.
Truth: NOT True! Foreclosure defenses are available because of the securitization of the Notes to Trusts, who sold unregulated securities to investors for three times the value of your Note. Like any Ponzi Scheme, it has holes.

You can win!

Forged notes, lost notes, intentional destruction of notes, unauthorized people signing mortgage assignments or endorsing notes, missing documentation, fraudulently fabricated documents, different plaintiffs foreclosing on the same property, plaintiffs who do not exist and the inability or refusal to provide proof of purchase and/or ownership of the promissory notes.

In addition, there are more and more claims arising from predatory lending practices of the Plaintiffs bank; including, violations of state and federal law, deceptive trade practices, and unfair or abusive dept collection.

Fighting the bank is advantageous to you. The goal of any good litigation attorney is to utilize all defenses/strategies in order to obtain the best possible outcome for the borrower. Depending on the evidence, litigation may even lead to a home free and clear of any mortgage. It is all about giving you options and creating leverage against the banks.

You need to have a plan of action, a direction, and understanding of why that plan is good for you.

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