The Morality of Strategic Default – Brent T. White

Brent T. White, author of  Underwater and Not Walking Away – Strategic Default has now published a paper based on the personal accounts of 356 strategic defaulters and homeowners on the verge of doing the same. His finding: People who intentionally default on their loans are not as economically rational or calculating in their decision-making as … Read more

Another Insider Comes Forward – Other Monsters in the Sea – Sewer Service

Again From the Hamlet… “Another area that should be investigated in the foreclosure mill process is the “process serving” Mills such as ProVest LLC. I worked at ProVest for 7 months a few years ago, as jobs are scarce. There were some issues there of some of the servers just “drop serving” the summons, (just … Read more

Are the Perps Startin to Roll Over on their Own? An Outstretched Helping Hand

From the Hamlet An Interesting Caller Holds Out a Bouquet of Foreclosure Mill Secrets Earlier today, I got a spell binding call from a person with insider knowledge of a certain foreclosure mill, Florida Default Law Group. This person recently fell wildly in love with someone whose birthday is coming up shortly. The “love object” … Read more

WHOA! Florida Judge Wipes Out Homeowner’s $207,000 Mortgage!

Orlando Eslava wanted from his lender was a loan modification to make his payments affordable. Instead, he got his $207,000 mortgage wiped out — and a crash course in the confusing way foreclosures are unfolding in a court system chock-a-blocked with cases. The teacher was Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Bailey, who cancelled Eslava’s debt … Read more

Predatory Grizzly “Bear” Attacks Innocent, Elderly, Poor, Minorities, Disabled & Disadvantaged With Predatory Lending Scams & Frauds!

Random Repost Blast from the Past. Going to start off each day with a random repost from the archives… The Story of Bear Stearns Direct Involvement In And Support Of Predatory Lending In America! Here is a 105 page report witten by Nye Lavalle going back over ten years… INTRODUCTION This report documents what is … Read more