From the man who brought us Bankster v. Deadbeat Debate… [youtube=] And most recently Untangling the Foreclosure Mystery… Now we get his next article… But first, some comments from Matt… The editors sat up and took notice by the responses in the comment section and have assured me a total of five commentaries…I know the response … Read more

Must See Documentary | College Conspiracy – The Next Bubble to Burst

College Conspiracy [youtube=] The housing bubble 2.o From the Press Release: We just released ‘College Conspiracy’ a day early so that NIA members can see the movie before we issue our press release tomorrow morning to not just the nationwide education news wire, but to thousands of college administrators and education journalists through two special … Read more

In Somewhat Related News… IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn Charged With Attempted Rape in New York

I thought the IMF only figuratively raped and pillaged… ~ IMF’s Strauss-Kahn Charged With Attempted Rape in New York May 15 (Bloomberg) — Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund and a potential candidate for the French presidency next year, was charged with attempted rape and a criminal sex act on a maid … Read more

Facing Foreclosure, Vice President of Bank of America Home Loans, Michael Kim, Allegedly Stole $1 Million from Customers Before Disappearing

You cant make this stuff up folks… ~ “In a “strange twist,” according to the Kaneshiros’ complaint, BOA had filed a foreclosure action against Kim in 2007, but “he was never personally served with the complaint notwithstanding that he worked in defendant BoA’s office at the time. It also appears that defendant BoA was aware … Read more

Another MERS Mess | Grandson Inherits House from Deceased Grandma, Finds Out it was Foreclosed Illegally

  Hundreds of homeowners, just in Ingham County, have been illegally foreclosed upon, according to the Court of Appeals Nick Reeser’s love for his grandma is written all over him. “Grandma was a huge tigers fan, this is a tribute to her,” he said, pointing to a still-healing “D” tattoo on his leg. When she … Read more