Public Records Request RE Judge Victor Tobin Joining Foreclosure Mill Marshall C. Watson

You all remember Chief Judge Victor Tobin in Broward County Florida who quit to go work for a fraudclosure mill after smoothing the way for massive fraudclosures to be granted to foreclosing entities who perpetrated fraud upon the court and land records??? You know, the email he sent out this week… From: Judge Tobin/17THCircuit Date: … Read more

Matt Gardi “Bankster Brew” | Key West News – HOW THE DOG ATE MY MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENT – PART 3

From the man who brought us Bankster v. Deadbeat Debate… [youtube=] Then part one of Untangling the Foreclosure Mystery… HOW THE DOG ATE MY MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENT… And last week, HOW THE DOG ATE MY MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENT— PART 2… Next up, Part 3 of  “How the dog ate my mortgage assignment”.  Time to start taking a look … Read more