Fraudclosure | Sunny Sheu Murdered? Judicial Corruption Activist Dead Weeks After Posting Video About His Fears

Sunny Sheu Killed After Reporting Death Threat from Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia

“Since his death last summer, associates of Sun Ming Sheu, an activist fighting alleged judicial corruption in New York, remain convinced that he was murdered and that police aren’t aggressively investigating his death because of a coverup.”

Now this is terrifying…

Sunny Sheu has been fighting judicial corruption since his home was stolen by mortgage fraud allegedly aided and abetted by Judge Joseph Golia of Queens.

Sunny was kidnapped, intimidated and threatened by two NYPD detectives at the Queens DA bureau. He was told by the detectives that if he took his case to the media or filed a complaint against Golia he would be killed.

Sunny was told by the Captain of the 109th pct that the cops detained him because he had put a letter in Golia’s mailbox, proving it was Golia that ordered the illegal detention.

Later, Sunny uncovered evidence of misrepresentations on Golia’s financial disclosure statements and on Thursday, June 24, 2010 he announced that he had evidence sufficient to have Golia arrested.

Two days later Sunny was found dead with trauma to the head, according to the Medical examiner that performed the autopsy:

Two months ago, Sunny made the above video, stating that if any harm came to him, Golia should be the main suspect.

Sunny also wrote a letter to FBI agent Rachel Rojas, asking for witness protection. Obviously his request was ignored.

Sunny Sheu was a champion of justice for us all, and a true hero. May his death not be in vain.

Rest in peace, Sunny

“Hi my name is Sunny Sheu. I have filed a complaint to the FBI and the New York State Unified Court Ehics Committee about Judge Joseph Golia [who] falsified his financial disclosure statement. And I have submitted evidence to the FBI recently. [The] FBI sent me [a] copy of the evidence that I sent to the FBI.

And today, April 9th, the Unified Court ethics director, Janice Howard, she called me [that] Judge Joseph Golia already amended his Financial disclosure statement. This means my evidence is true. At least that he was forced to amend (misrepresentations) on his financial disclosure statement.

For the security issues, for the security concerns, I make this recording, that if anything wrong goes to me, it should be come from Judge Golia and his people because before I had been kidnapped by his people, and threatened and intimidated by his people not to file a complaint against Judge Golia.

So I make this recording for safety. For protection. If anything wrong please go to Judge Golia and his people.

Thank you very much.”

From the BlackStarNews:

Was Sunny Sheu, Foe Of Judicial Corruption, Murdered?

The Background Story
Sheu’s ordeal began over 10 years ago when a bank representative knocked on his door and said he was there to inspect the house for its new owner. The problem was that Sheu had never sold the house. It turns out that someone had forged critical documents and used them to illegally sell the property.

Sheu alerted all relevant authorities; including the police, the bank that held the mortgage, and the title insurer of the property. Eventually the parties involved in forging the documents were prosecuted, pleaded guilty to forgery, and went to jail.

Sheu hoped that with all the evidence in his favor, the matter would be quickly resolved–it was actually only the beginning of his nightmare.

But Centex Home Equity, the bank that held the original mortgage, acted as if the fraudulent sale had been legitimate, ignoring all the documentation submitted by Sheu regarding the fraud, including the police report he’d filed.

Centex filed a lawsuit on December 12, 2001, against Sheu in State Supreme Court, in Queens County. The bank wanted a default judgment on the property and foreclosure, claiming that the “new owners” were delinquent on mortgage payments.  In reality, of course, there was never any legal “new owner”.

The Centex case against Sheu went before Judge Golia, in Queens County. Sheu said he was stunned when Judge Golia also ignored the obvious fact that the “sale” had been fraudulent, which would obviate the claim against him. Instead of immediately restoring Sheu’s rightful ownership, he said, Golia allowed the lawsuit to proceed, eventually leading to the foreclosure of Shue’s home.

Worse yet, the judge let the case drag out for 10 years, with numerous postponements, in essence milking Sheu of all his resources. At some point, Sheu could no longer afford attorney fees and he had to represent himself.

Clearly, simple discovery— examination of documents by the court- would have proven the fraud in the alleged property sale, but Golia never allowed this fundamental judicial procedure to take place, despite Sheu’s numerous appeals, he said.

For 10 grueling years, Sheu said, he was consistently denied the opportunity to present evidentiary documentation proving that the fraud had taken place and that Centex had no right to foreclose on his home.

Sheu’s home was first foreclosed on January 28, 2005 and Centex “bought” the property for $1,000 from Amy Cheng, a pseudonymous fraudster involved in the fictitious sale. “How can you buy property from someone who does not exist?” Sheu had asked me, when I first started writing about his case.

Sheu also wrote Centex executive, Gerry King and New York State Chief Administrative Judge –now Chief Judge– Jonathan Lippman, complaining about Judge Golia’s conduct and accusing the judge of “discrimination” and “bias.”

Sheu demanded that Golia recuse himself from the case; the judge refused.

Sheu was persistent, writing to numerous elected public officials and filing an appeal against the foreclosure. Aware that he had notified various elected officials about what he claimed were the “biased” rulings, Sheu said, Judge Golia eventually reversed his own earlier decision and the initial foreclosure was rescinded, records showed.

Still, the judge refused to restore ownership of the property to Sheu.

Golia was so adamant to deprive him of justice, Sheu contended, that he came up with a remarkable decision. Golia now ruled that even though Sheu’s home had been illegally sold years earlier, since Centex had already paid off the mortgage, the bank now owned the property under a doctrine known as “Equitable Subrogation.”

“How can equitable subrogation apply to stolen property?” Sheu said, in an interview with The Black Star News, referring to the fraudulent sale. “This means if I have a lot of money, like Centex, I can pay off anybody’s mortgage anywhere without their permission and then take possession of their home and kick them out?”

Sheu continued to spar with Judge Golia. Finally, early in 2010, his property was foreclosed on again, this time conclusively.

Be sure to read this article in its entirety here…

And be careful out there…


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  1. Susan Kleinmann says:

    Has anybody started a public letter to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct regarding this case?

    • William E. Maliha, MD says:

      Ms. Kleinmann, I am also the victim of a corrupt judge, Judge Mary Work of Ulster County. I filed with the NYS Commission on investigation who agreed with me that there were issues needing investigation. They then referred it to the Commission that you referred to which then white washed it as one of the commissions members, (Appelate Judge Karen Peters and her paramour, UnderSheriff Frank Faluotico) was involved in the corruption. I also had appealed to the governor and my local assemblymen to no avail. I have actual FOIL obtained Sheriff”s department tape recordings proving my allegations, obtained as I was Medical Director for the involved Sheriff’s Department. I also served as a medical director the NYS DOH thus I had access to the Governor’s staff. The judiciary in NY is both corrupt and unaccountable. There is no real oversight. It is a waste of time to play their silly legal games when they do not follow their own rules. William E. Maliha, MD

  2. David says:


  3. David says:

    This is incredible. This story only tell the real life drama that is going on in this country. I am currently fighting PNC Bank and their corrupt lawyers Lerner Sampson & Rothfuss in foreclosure. I have presented a note that clearly show that the note the Bank filed is a “FRAUD”. However, this fight looks like it is going to be a long one. The judge has not ruled on my motion. I paid these people $6,400 before I found out the note was a fraud. Now, they are trying to continue the foreclosure and keep my money. ‘WHO ARE THE REAL THIEVES IN THIS COUNTRY’ WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!

    • Jonko Bonko says:

      and you should get the house for free though you are not paying the mortgage?

      • Tim Bryant says:

        Should a bank who does not hold any beneficial interest in the note get a house for fee? Let the investors come forward and proceed on their own behalf.

      • Hey Jonko….Just who are we to pay…might I ask? It appears you are talking out the wrong side of your mouth…..your simple sentence does not even make sense. If your comment was meant for David…he never said anything about not paying his mortgage…but if he had any smarts he would stop the payments….who the hell would pay someone who has never invested in the house and does not own it….David presented a Note to prove the bank filed a Note that is fraud…….and it probably is fraud since the banks were not the creditor/lenders………please understand the comment before you type your opinion.

  4. Steve Foos says:

    Maybe this will be the shot heard around the world and start a revolt that was recommended by Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence for a non-responsive government. I am saddened that it has come to murder. I am sure this judge thought this guy was a nobody and wouldn’t matter. Thank God for the internet!!

    • Steve….If that judge thought that …he was WRONG… does matter that this man was murdered….this judge proved with his own actions and decisions while sitting on a bench wearing the ‘ BLACK ROBE “….IN THE COURT OF JUSTICE…..that he was guilty under oath…and judges do take an oath. He should not be removed from the bench….his ass should be kicked off the bench and kicked to the street…where people can stone him……this man Sunny was in his rights….and this judge knew it…so it goes either the judge took a bribe…or Sunny proved to the judge the facts that the judge was wrong in his decisions….Now does this judge feel safe.?..He shouldn’t…..the story has hit the internet…..and New York is a big city with a whole lot of people…..anger hits people in many different ways…….apparently the judges financial records were wrong..if so…why were they wrong? Certainly not because he was honest………

  5. housemanrob says:

    Do all of thee rememer the now infamous words……..”yes we can………yes we can!” Well………….how about……….yes you did, yes you did! You managed to continue the totally fu–ed up policies of the last administration leaving the american people HANGING OUT TO DRY like dressed out deer! Hope you are enjoying your time in the white house with all of the bankster money lavished on you by lobbyists! You have let us down…………but now we CAN SEE and have learned the consequences. Shame on you! You could have been a legendary president, but you sold out like a puppet!!

    • l vent says:

      Have you heard the rumour that Obama is a CIA agent? I know that Reagan was one. Maybe many of them were. Wasn’t Bush the CIA when J.F.K got assassinated?. Jesse Ventura said the Navy Seals call them Christians In Action. I think CNN had an interview with a nun who was a CIA agent! I also heard that many in the media are CIA agents. I think that could be true. For me those who tell lies and deceive are highly suspect about who they really work for. TRUST BUT VERIFY!!!!

      • I vent…..maybe you have read this…..but this site tells an awful lot that most people do not know but need to know…..names are given and their past history….CIA……everyone should read it….it tells who and how did what to ruin this country…..this will tell ….ready???? I hope it transferred ok…….I know JFK wanted the money to be backed up with gold and silver…..not ‘ air ‘ money….he stressed it. This tells who and how his murder was set up…and JFK, JR…was murdered. ….. The site gave permission to pass it on……Everyone needs to know the criminal acts … that the very people are living in this country……and this didn’t even mention it all……not what we know today……

    • HO– USEMANROB….When he said ‘ yes we can ‘……he was speaking of change…change with the NWO….that was what he was promising…just what we got today….and Obama just continued where Bush left off….and Bush continued where Clinton left off…. and it keeps going back further…..The foreclosure massive fraud is part of the blueprints..the ploy….to take America over….there will be no more United States of America….we will own nothing…..some will have a ‘ chip ‘ and others a number…slaves. Obama does not have allegiance to our flag or country…have you not noticed that??? Have you not noticed he has done nothing for this country or the people since he has been in office??? Yet..he runs the world as spokesperson for the NWO…that is what he has done besides his many vacations…..spending millions of our money…. He did not plan to be here for the country and the citizens…he planned to take the United States of American down for good….so the foreign NWO bastards could take over….People who voted for him were naive to the facts of what he stood for….he came from nowhere..he was a nobody..had no experience to be President….and they fell for it. He is a prep..for the NWO……

    • HO– USEMANROB……You ask..’.How do others feel about this…’…..I have the feeling that many millions have come to realize the truth….and many millions already knew the truth….and some may be in denial not wanting to ‘ face the facts ‘…But as soon as he had nothing more to say about health insurance….he became silent. So this health ins. was a stall of 2 1/2 years, a distraction, a common trick of the government…and the blame is on CONgress……but when the frauds were brought to the surface…Both Obama and the CONgress became silent. the NWO preps. That is why NOTHING has been done to the foreign multinational fraudster banksters… all says they are one of the same….This was not hidden once this country woke up…..this has been on the internet all over the world. ….Keep up the good fight for America the Beautiful.

  6. chunga85 says:

    I guess it goes to show you engaging in free speach is a dangerous business these days. Especially when it comes to speaking out about corruption.

    Us peons are merely fleas on a plump dog, hardly worthy of a scratch.

    Coming soon…The Night of the Long Knives…

  7. DL 55 and Holding......... says:

    I reported and documented (to the Colorado AG) the fraud that was being committed by Countrywide before BAC bought them out, then I did it again when BAC continued with the organized criminal activities it inherited from CW.
    I offered myself up as victim and accussor with supporting evidence under the Colorado Organized Crime and Control Act (COCCA). The AG’s advocate informed me that they couldn’t discuss an ongoing investigation. Investigation my ass. BAC has long since violated its “Consent Decree” with the People of the State of Colorado and on those grounds alone the AG could prosecute these people, but oh no, he’s hanging out with the rest of those Bankster lackies trying to figure out how they can get the Banksters off the hook for bringing down our nations economy.
    Colorado has a lien law statute of limitations of 6 years that reads in part that if a loan goes into default the note holder has 6 years to successfully foreclose on the note or forever hold their piece (piece of worthless paper that is). So what does one of the lower courts do, it rules in a mortgage lien case that every time a monthly payment is due and doesn’t get payed, the statute of limitations begins anew. Begins anew? That ruling successfully wiped out the legislative intent of that statute. I ask myself how, after a “Notice of Election and Demand” can there be any missed monthly payments since the note is then in default and monthly payments will not be accepted by the Banksters. Another Judge bought and paid for.
    This fight is going to be a long one and we must do everything within our powers to see that it does not fade from the forefront.
    RIP Sunny and may whatever diety you believed in be a vengeful God and take vengence upon thine enemies.

    DLC 55 and holding, pro se since 2006 and as of this day I am still in my home but the battle continues.
    Good luck to all in this fight and thanks to all those who support and help us….

    • Kathy says:

      Anyone in CO fighting this FRAUD pro se, please contact me. I need info on going to court myself and not getting case dismissed (because of technicalities). I have been fighting this for over 3 years and ready to get it into court. If for nothing else, everyone involved names publically disgraced. Judges, Public Trustee, fraudclosure Atty, on down the line. Thanks

  8. Starcat says:

    There lurks many unbridled people w/so-called authority who wantto make us believe in lies as well as un-truth! We make a stand we must know what it may bring! I, too, make and take a stand! I,too, have had a death threat after they stole my HOME and belongings! I RePossessed my HOME of thirty years after Bank of America took my personal belongings when I was out of town! Death threats abound after I tried finding where my personal belongings went!I filed many complaints to various ABC agencies. I feel I am only being tagged! They R watching ME! They R NOT who they say they R!! And R taking my home in a “MOCK foreclosure w/County Judges who R frequently moved!

    • l vent says:

      Starcat, I agree with you. I feel the same way. I believe I have been crept up on too by this mafia.. These judges do change faces and I believe it is to rattle us. They want us to not feel safe or secure. I am not giving up until there is justice for all.

  9. Joker says:

    Hmmm, Interesting.
    Judge orders a hit on innocent Chinese man.
    Gotham city!
    “The city deserves a better class of criminal. And I am going to give it to them”

  10. FEDUP says:

    There are worse things to die for than liberty, truth or justice; a few of us will fall on the sword in the beginning, and the ranks behind us will swell over the fallen to defeat the enemy! I would rather die as a soldier for liberty than for some bureaucrat’s plan to take over foreign oil fields or exploit another nation in unbridled greed.

  11. l vent says:

    May this man Rest In Peace. This is just a reminder that there are VERY EVIL forces at work here. I remember when the FBI told me to call Fannie Mae after I was denied the loan mod and I was devastated. After I spoke to them and they told me they could not help me with my pretender lender, my phone froze.. That has never happened to me before or since. There is true evil lurking behind the scenes of this. I can just feel it yet I do not fear it.

  12. angry & NOT TAKIN IT! says:

    2nd amendment ..
    to enforce .. when the other amendments are not followed .

  13. angry & NOT TAKIN IT! says:

    rip …..Sunny Sheu…. another reason to fight…for the fallen !

  14. indio007 says:

    I can’t believe tis is finally getting play. I’ve known about this guy for over a year. Poor fella.


  15. housemanrob says:

    If judge Golia can make a ruling this bizarre and legally and morally unjust……………and can get away with it!!!!…………then it is pretty obvious how deep the corruption penetrates……………then MURDER!!!!!!!!!!?

  16. Lori Kelly says:

    This is sad. The corruption doesn’t seem to end. I have been reporting foreclosure fraud for two years now at and an avid reader and supporter of this site. There are times when I want to quit, it gets depressing, overwhelmed at the numerous requests for help, and to live in fear is no way to live at all. I will continue to report foreclosure fraud and fight for what was once a great country. With the banksters in charge, there seems to be no hope. However when my son remembers this, reads about in history books I will be able to tell him I did everything I could to make a change. One person can make a difference. God bless Mr. Sheu and may he rest in peace.

    Lori Kelly, founder

  17. Fury says:

    Rest in Peace, Sunny.
    Please help us from the Other Side.

    Sunny Sheu and Frank Serpico — 2 new york heroes who battled corruption.

  18. see says:

    Goes to show you how money is more important than people’s lives. These people (we all know who they are) are just plain evil, evil, evil. They work with the devil. May Sunny rest in peace and his family find healing and justice. It’s unconscionable that one could loose their life trying to save their home. May God have mercy on us all.

  19. smylyface02 says:

    I never realized that corruption / murder will occur in this once great nation “the land of opportunity”.
    I bet Judge Joseph Golia has something to do with Sunny’s death. His death should not be in
    vain. Let’s continue to fight fraudclosure.

  20. Shay Vernier says:

    I think most of us realize that fact, that we do put our lives on the line.
    But I think of MLK and push ahead anyway!
    Today there is a bit of good news.
    Finally the banksters are being jailed, at least some!

  21. l vent says:

    Sounds like a mafia hit. I agree Readsdocs you are correct, no one is safe in a fascist tyranny., This is why no attorneys want to rep us. They simply say, you can’t afford me. Bottom line, whether we decide to fight this tyranny or not you still will NOT be safe from it. They are out to get all of us. Here is what my pretender lender told me, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN FORECLOSURE. Which to me meant, whether you pay the mortgage or not you are not safe from fraudclosure.

    • Readdocs says:

      That’s right, you’re never safe. How many cases have you read about B0A foreclosing on and reselling
      homes they do not own? How many times have you read about this same bank selling off homes they don’t own, and have never owned? They stay in the news doing this. How many B0A executives have
      you read about being prosecuted and jailed over breaking the law? As long as the laws on the books
      are not enforced without bias this robbery will continue.
      We are watching this country become completely lawless under the current federal government.
      And how many in office have you seen step up and stop the robbery by enforcing
      current laws on the books? NONE.
      It appears we are in the twilight of our republic, and about to wake in a 3rd world banana republic.

      • l vent says:

        Readsdocs, I think the whole country is in foreclosure. The foreign tyranny wants a nation of renters. You can either fight now for your property rights or later. That is why they are waging this strategic class warfare I believe and that is why no one is safe. Everyone is just a job loss or illness away from where we all are. They are out to convince us that we can’t afford these homes anymore.. They want the foreign investors to come over here and buy up our homes for spit on the dollar and the pretender lenders want to cash in on their credit default swap insurance while they kick WE THE PEOPLE to the curb. FRAUD IS FRAUD. FRAUD IS ILLEGAL NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO TO TRY AND DESTROY OUR PROPERTY RIGHTS. FRAUD DESTROYED THEIR RIGHTS. They want cowards, they love victims. They hate fighters.

    • housemanrob says:

      Not the mafia…………….THE COPS!!!!!!

      • Tim Bryant says:

        The medical examiner did contradict the police report…

      • l vent says:

        Same thing. They all work for the same organization so to speak. The headquarters are at the Vatican. There is an interesting RT News report with EX-CIA AGENT BOB BAER entitled CAR BOMB. I think it has two parts. It explains the origins of all of this. It all started with a car bomb that blew up on Wall Street in the 1920’s. You could probably google the words. There are cops who work for the NEW WORLD ORDER. They are all the mafia in reality. La Costanostra. The five pointed star=Rome. The 6-pointed star=the jews. I kid you not. Google it. There is alot of symbolism and it is all around us.

      • Housemanrob…I feel I vent is right…..not the cops….They may have sounded in that direction….but it was a ‘ stranger ‘……But corruption was involved with the cops and the judge…it was obvious. As proof of what killed him…..the medical examiner contradicted what the police report said. It was trama to the head. But racketeering / mafia have hitmen………so who wanted to shut him up???????

      • housemanrob says:

        Cops are sometimes hitmen too. Not all, mind us, but…………………THERE IS THIS LICENSE TO KILL!!

    • l vent says:

      WOW TIM!! That was spot on. Funny my Grandfather came from a little town outside of Naples, Olivetta Citra. Our old neighborhood on 69th used to have this same kind of feast when I was kid. Thank you for that article. That was amazing that you found that connection. These mob ties run deep. That judge is a scourge.

  22. Readdocs says:

    Remember, this can happen to YOU.
    The system of checks and balances that protected the rights of property owners has
    been destroyed, and now one is safe.

  23. 1ofthemany says:

    Sheer insanity for nothing…this murder is quite evident, all over sticks and nails which was his HOME. Totally disgusting money grabbers…what these people will do!!!! AND STILL DO!!!! Sunny is definitely in a better place but that is not consolation to his family and never will be. These judges are Damn GREEDY IDIOTS!!!!, they toy and destroy people’s lives. This is you normal “kill one scare a 1000!!!!!!!!” But can they KILL US ALL???? NO
    Blessing to Sunny’s family, such a brave man! Now you will RIP and I just bet you r well thought process will do a lot of people good, but not the judge that made this happen, our corrupt nation is dying hopefully one GREEDY SWINE IDIOT at a time. YOUR DAY WILL COME SOON.
    The land shall not be sold forever for the land is mine for ye are strangers and sojourners with me.
    Leviticus 25: 22-2

    • Tim Bryant says:

      I made my concerns known to AG Schneiderman, Rep Rangel, and the NY Times. Hopefully, this murder will be given a priority in NY. You can do the same;

    • l vent says:

      You are right 10themany, they love to create fear. They figure if we won’t drink the kool-aid anymore than they will bring on the scare tactics. This man’s case is alot more complicated than just a fraudclosure. This got personal. There was a vendetta here. That judge obviously really had it in for this guy from the begining. This man was probably too smart and the crooks knew it. This judge was being called out by this man for being a completely corrupt, dirty, scumbag bastard. This judge is no more than a gangster disguised as a judge. This judge should be hung.

  24. James says:

    And you wonder why I worry about some of you? There is billions at stake and folks will do a lot for that.

    • Readdocs says:

      It something happens to some of us for pointing out the blatant crime, it’s better standing up than being
      shuffled off as a bunch of gelded donkies.
      We have no choice but to man the lines, stand up to the crooks, and push back.

      • l vent says:

        I agree, what choice do we have? Start over with nothing at middle age? There is no recovering from this if we lose our homes, we will never own another one, and we can bet it was planned that way. The only way to regain some of our losses is to fight the tyranny. Anyone see those bogus Blue Cross/Blue Shield commercials where they sing home is where you live? It is like they are trying to brainwash and convince people if you live in a cardboard box or under a viaduct, that is home. F—them, too. They are another foreign multinational tyranny who probably invested in this mortgage fraud too. I hope they rot in hell.

      • I vent…your remark reminds me of when the floods hit New Oorleans…Hurricane Katrina….and thousands were stranded..and taken to various states for shelter…Barbara Bush went on a ‘ tour ‘ to see all the people crammed in the Houston Astrodome…… …….this is the NWO talking….this goes to show you how sick these people are….

      • l vent says:

        It is alot like that Marilyn. We are now finally starting to be heard, loud and clear. With Katrina the outrage was televised. FORECLOSUREGATE is more like a silent killer. Then one day everyone will wake up and the whole country will be laid to waste in a sea of FOREIGN OWNED TBTF BANKS,MULTINATIONAL CORPS, and the FOREIGN INVESTORS will own OUR HOMES AND EVERYTHING AROUND US. . WE WILL BE THE STRANGERS IN OUR OWN LAND. THAT IS GLOBALIZATION, THE NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN OBAMA SPOKE ABOUT, SPREADING OUR WEALTH AND OUR HOMES AROUND THE GLOBE WITH THE FOREIGN INVESTORS. With FORECLOSUREGATE, the media for the most part has been trying to make the homeowner look like the bad guy or the media and the Obama Administration and CONgress are just ignoring us and wishing we would all just go away to live in our tent cities so the foreigners who have hijacked the country will have their way and own this country. BUT WHEN THE PONZI SCHEMERS, THE TBTF, WANTED TO BE SAVED AND THREATENED THE U.S. GOV. WITH A COMPLETE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IF THEY DID NOT GET BAILED OUT, THEY COULDN’T RUN AND HAND THEM 750+ BILLION FAST ENOUGH. Now the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS HAPPENING IN REVERSE. THEY ARE ALL TREASONIST TRAITORS, A BUNCH OF BENEDICT ARNOLD’S. Once you get it, like many now are, WE THE PEOPLE are not going anywhere, in fact WE THE PEOPLE are going to FIGHT THIS FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL TYRANNY and take this country back from the crooks who have hijacked it and the politicians who have almost destroyed it all BECA– USE OF GREED they are all CORRUPT and useless. .. THESE ARE OUR HOMES…..TIME TO HIT THE STREETS….. INDIVISIBLE… WE CAN DO THIS….WE CAN TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE BRINK…OF A FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL NEW WORLD ORDER TAKEOVER…..

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