Palm Beach County – Events for Fraudclosure Defense Attorneys & Concerned Citizens. Dec 2nd Lunch & Learn 1pm, and Dec 6th Candlelight Vigil 6pm & more


Please bring $4 in quarters to cover 2 – 2.5 hours of metered parking.

Please join us on
Friday, November 4th, 2011 at 1pm as Melva Rozier & Palm Beach Legal Aid host their monthly Lunch and Learn.  Please pass on this invitation & post on your attorney listserves.  Running out of food is so gauche so please RSVP as below so we avoid this unforgivable social gaffe!

Our two guest speakers will be Peter Synder, Esq. to present another success in the recalcitrant 4th DCA.  Also, facilitating a discussion on the ever frustrating mediation process in Florida foreclosures is Craig Steinberg, mediator.

In Duke v. HSBC Mortgage Services, LLC, the court reversed an order granting a bank’s motion for summary judgment.  The facts in that case -the note did not have an indorsement, and was…ahem…lost, so HSBC relied on an Assignment of Mortgage to overcome it’s invalid debt collector interloper status.  As was common in fraudclosures circa 2007-2009, the assignment post-dated the filing of the complaint.  In reversing the summary judgment, the Fourth District explained:

genuine issues of material fact remain in dispute regarding the owner and holder of the note and mortgage at the time the complaint was filed.

Meeting to be held Friday December 2nd at 1 pm at Legal Aid in West Palm Beach 423 Fern Street, Suite 200 (2nd Floor) – West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Phone: 561-655-8944 – Toll Free: 1-800-403-9353  (Low, poorly marked, mustard colored building on the north side of Fern between Dixie and Quadrille.  Across the street from the utilities building.)

Please RSVP to Legal Aid & let them know you’re planning on attending this Friday’s lunch and learn.  Phone: 561-655-8944 – Toll Free: 1-800-403-9353
TUESDAY DECEMBER 6th NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION –  (Palm Beach action in Lake Worth, FL at 6pm)

Join us on December 6 for a national day of action to fight back against the housing crisis and be part of the continuing movement to Occupy Our Homes.

Our Palm Beach County event is a candlelight vigil outside a home in fraudclosure in Lake Worth, Florida.  Glenn, a disabled senior, just hung up with his recalcitrant illegal debt colletor (formerly known as a mortgage servicer) after another empty promise filled call regarding the loan modification process when a process servicer knocked on his door with a fraudclosure lawsuit.

Glenn Cernicky’s home, 5308 Lake Osborne Drive, Lake Worth, FL 33461  6pm December 6th

Organizations involved:,, Occupy Palm Beach
Also, Tuesday December 6th at 10:00am – 11:30am the Palm Beach Circuit Court is sponsoring a free legal training for foreclosure legal staff.  Must RSVP urgently to Details here:


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  1. I was forclosed on without due process. I am a disabled person and sent a motion to the court for reasonable accommadations under the Americans with Disablities act 504 section 2 +3, and was not given it. I did in fact send all documents that I had received this prior by two state angencys. I WAS DEFRAUDED OUT OF MY PROPERTY. HELPPPPPPP I have crohn’s disease, animic, hearing impaired, etc. They are going to sell my condo right out from under me on jan 18. I will end up on the street. In distress…….due to this action.

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