Florida House Passes HB 213 Florida’s Foreclosure Act 94-17

Florida House passes foreclosure act The Florida Fair Foreclosure Act, which aims to streamline foreclosures, passed the state House of Representatives today by a vote of 94-17. Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, first introduced the bill and the measure, HB 213, took on several co-sponsors before reaching the House floor. “What I do want to say … Read more

Action Alert | Artists Collective Looking for Currently Foreclosed Home in North Las Vegas to Create a Public Art Installation to Support a Family in Distress

An artists collective that is currently working on a grant proposal to travel to North Las Vegas to create a public installation in response to the high density of foreclosures is looking for a home in foreclosure. Their project is quite unique, they are looking to install their work in a currently foreclosed home to … Read more

URGENT… Foreclosure Bills Petition SB 1890 HB 213

With your help, we may be able to defeat some very dangerous Bills that are making their way through the Florida House and Senate (HB213, HB1149, SB1890). Please consider signing the petition and emailing as many people as you can, asking them to do the same. This is a grass-roots movement to effect positive change … Read more

Wells Fargo Shareholder Report Reveals Information on Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Wells Fargo Shareholder Report Reveals Information on Foreclosure Fraud Settlement It’s embarrassing that the most information we’ve yet received about the foreclosure fraud settlement comes from an annual report to stockholders by Wells Fargo. In other words, we had to wait for the banks to tell us what was in the settlement, I guess because … Read more

Movin On Up | Kamala Harris’ Brother-in-law Replaces Thomas Perrelli, Becomes Third In Command At DOJ

Attorney General Appoints Tony West as Acting Associate Attorney General and Stuart Delery as Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder announced today the appointments of Tony West to serve as the Department of Justice’s Acting Associate Attorney General and Stuart Delery as Acting Assistant Attorney General for … Read more

Occupy Activists Rally Outside Home of John Stumpf Wells CEO

Occupy activists rally outside home of Wells CEO Organized theater played Russian Hill on Saturday – 1960s street theater updated with 21st century themes. The setting was the base of the 14-story tower where one of the residents is John Stumpf, chief executive officer of Wells Fargo. The cast included people who say they are … Read more

Lee Camp | Should Hearing From God Disqualify You From Running For President?

Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised The candidates running for president seem to be talking more and more about God. Santorum even said Satan is trying to ruin America. Why is there so much religion in our politics? [more at LeeCamp.net] ~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet

Mark Stopa | Banks Steal Homes, and I have PROOF

Banks Steal Homes, and I have PROOF The name “Danielle Sterling” may not mean much to you. Frankly, it shouldn’t. Danielle Sterling was a receptionist for American Home Mortgage until 2005, when she was promoted to a “Collateral Reviewer,” a position she held until 2007, when American Home Mortgage went out of business. I don’t … Read more

Replay of Florida Senate and Banking Committee RE SB 1890 Foreclosure Act 02/27/12

Click Through to View ~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet

George Mantor | The Future of Greece and What it means to Americans

The Future of Greece and What it means to Americans Most Americans don’t pay much attention to global events. We feel like what happens elsewhere doesn’t matter here. For most of our history, that has been true. But, there is a drama playing out in a place that could not seem more distant and irrelevant … Read more

A Critical Analysis of The Florida Senate Banking Meeting And The Foreclosure “Reform”… It’s Just Crazy…

And contrary, to representations made at the hearing yesterday, the letter in opposition to the bill written by Henry Trawick applies to many of the issues that are still addressed in the current version of the litigation. Replay of the hearing on SB 1890 here… Henry Trawick’s honored opinion and analysis of this bill should … Read more

Subject Matter Jurisdiction | 100,000+ Foreclosures Defective in Pennsylvania According to State Superior Court

“Since the Superior Court has now ruled that this Act 91 letter is wrong … the foreclosures that have happened in the past are a problem and for sure no more foreclosures should go forward if that deficient letter is in people’s files” ~ Halt foreclosures on homes due to paperwork errors, group says Housing … Read more