Read the Foreclosure Documents Treasury Has Been Keeping Secret

Read the Documents Treasury Has Been Keeping Secret

by Paul Kiel ProPublica

In 2010 and 2011, ProPublica submitted Freedom of Information Act requests for documents showing how the government supervised its flagship foreclosure prevention effort, the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP. More than two years after our first request, Treasury still hasn’t provided all the material we asked for. Here is an index of the documents the department has provided. We will update this list if we receive additional material.


2010 Certifications that Servicers were Following HAMP Rules

American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. – certification

Aurora Loan Services – certification

Bank of America, N.A. – certification

Bank of America u2013 BAC/Countrywide subsidiary – certification

Bank of America u2013 Home Loan Services subsidiary – certification

CitiMortgage – certification

GMAC Mortgage u2013 cover letter

GMAC Mortgage – certification

Green Tree – certification

HomEq u2013 cover letter

HomEq – certification

JPMorgan Chase – certification

JPMorgan Chase u2013 EMC subsidiary – certification

Litton – certification

Nationstar – certification

Ocwen – certification

OneWest/IndyMac u2013 cover letter

OneWest/IndyMac u2013 certification

PNC u2013 cover letter

PNC – certification

Saxon – certification

Select Portfolio Servicing u2013 cover letter

Select Portfolio Servicing u2013 certification

US Bank u2013 cover letter

US Bank u2013 certification

Wells Fargo – certification


Responses by Servicers to HAMP Audits

American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.

Bank of America


GMAC Mortgage

JPMorgan Chase




Wells Fargo


5 Responses to “Read the Foreclosure Documents Treasury Has Been Keeping Secret”
  1. bobbi swann says:

    4 more years!!!! Four more anguishing, devastating years! A madman at the helm of the ship and we are in worst weather than Hurricane Sandy!

    • lies is all they tell says:

      bobbi swan PLEASE look up HAARP, heck i will and leave you the website. all manmade they have been working on it for decades. took me 2 hours t vote in an arewhere you usually walkup and just vote. got home at 8pm. fell asleep watch results. woke at 2M “O WINS 4 MORE YEARS” THOUGHT I was having a nightmare. it dawned on me in the morning how many people must have not voted in the area of the storm. think about all those people who lived in breezy poit staten island and lost everything. think they even wanted to vote. or i hears trying to get gas in NY is hell with people getting threatened with guns. the amount of people who didnt vote. but we hear nothing about that. this storm was made to disenfranchise the most populous area af the untied states. the more people that know the better. seems everyone is asleep
      you tube —haarp

      after reading above the certification of wells fargo?????? i do not understand. where did it say “ANYWHERE” not to pay our mortgage. they asked for a hardship letter which states what is happening and why you need a hamp. being told not to pay a current mortgage is so sad. to push people into foreclosure like this. i losing ground here (crying) my husband is unemployed for 1 1/2 years refuses to work part time is going to school. they caused a man who use to work 80 hrs like it home to much rather just go to school 8-2 m-f and not think about his family and how we are going eat. blames me on telling him to go to school yeah but he wouldnt be working anyway????

      this is a mess but the storms are all man made,. weather control is alive and well.

    • withament says:

      Oh Really TREASURY You don’t say …… You see folks The IRS and FBI and HUD and Yes The US Secret Service KNOW …. Ol Judson is No Kidder

  2. Sarah says:

    Banks were certified to foam homeowners? The “certification” must have been another list of cruel jokes, the biggest being that any homeowner was going to be helped. It’s too bad this issue didn’t have any direct effect on our recent 15 minutes of Democracy. Let’s “certify” Tim Geithner, post dismissal. Neil Barofksy’s book might be a competent go to source for an aspiring writer like Kiel.

  3. JEHR says:

    I looked at Litton’s certification and his reply to HAMP audits. Goldman Sachs bought Litton to use for servicing its MBS for subprime CDOs. At least the first document nicely lists all the frauds and the second document blanks out all the frauds!!! Easy, peasy!

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