UPDATE – Bank of America Utah Foreclosures – Judge Clark Waddoups Rehears Arguments to Remand Cox case to State Court

Or does he REC– USE himself??? KCSG Television Reports… Judge Clark Waddoups Rehears Arguments to Remand Cox case to State Court (Salt Lake City, UT) – Utah District Judge Clark Waddoups reheard arguments in the Peni Cox vs ReconTrust Company matter in which the Plaintiff’s attorneys contend the court erroneously ruled it had jurisdiction and … Read more

Bank of America Utah Foreclosures – Judge Clark Waddoups to Rehear Federal Jurisdiction Dispute TODAY

Remember the Bank of America ReconTrust injunction in Utah? LINK – Bombshell – Judge Orders Injunction Stopping ALL Foreclosure Proceedings by Bank of America; Recontrust; Home Loan Servicing; MERS et al ~ LINK – UPDATE UTAH FORECLOSURES – Federal vs State Rules Governing Bank of Americas Case to be Argued Before Federal Judge Clark Waddoups Thursday ~ … Read more

Bank of America Utah Foreclosures – New Filing May Persuade Judge Waddoups to Set Aside Restraining Order

This ain’t over yet… Morgan Skinner, KCSG News Reports… (St. George, UT) – The Bank of America’s motion for dismissal filed July 2, 2010 in US District Court of Utah may have opened the way for Judge Clark Waddoups to set aside his order halting foreclosures in Utah by ReconTrust Company and remand the case … Read more

Notice of Appeal Filed – Stay of Court Order to Vacate Injunction Stopping Bank of America Foreclosures in Utah Requested

(St. George, UT) – A Notice of Appeal to Federal Judge Clark Waddoups court order vacating an Injunction against Bank of America and its subsidiary ReconTrust Company halting all foreclosures in Utah was filed Friday, June 25, 2010 by St. George attorney John Christian Barlow. Barlow told KCSG News he was “troubled by Court ruling … Read more


“Indeed, it appears as though many loans and other mortgage-related assets have been double and even triple-pledged to various constituencies“ In my 1999 21st Century Loan Sharks Report, I coined and defined the term “Predatory Mortgage Securitization” (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predatory_mortgage_securitization)  in my report from MY PERSONAL RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS I DEFINED SOME THE FOLLOWING PRACTICES THAT DEFINED … Read more

Ding Ding Ding – Freddie Mac vs Bank of America – $10 Million Dollar Purse

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!! National Mortgage News Freddie in Uproar Over B of A Probe Tied to TBW Freddie Mac is trying to prevent Bank of America from investigating its business relationship with the failed Taylor Bean & Whitaker, noting that the cost of the probe could cost the GSE $10 million or more. … Read more

Recontrust / Bank of America Foreclosure Injunction Dissolved by Federal Judge

Clark Waddoups (AP photo) utdecf_waddoups@utd.uscourts.gov (Salt Lake City, UT) – Federal Judge Clark Waddoups issued the following court order just before noon Friday. “The court held a hearing on this matter on June 10, 2010. For the reasons to be explained in a memorandum decision that the court shall file shortly, the court ORDERS as … Read more

POW!!! Barlow Appeared to Hold His Own Against the Legal Team of Bank of America – Utah Foreclosures Remain on Hold Pending Judge’s Decision

John Christian Barlow, Esq. (KCSG photo) slideshow (Salt Lake City, UT) – St. George attorney John Christian Barlow appeared to hold his own against the legal team of the Bank of America led by attorney Roy Arnold of the Pittsburgh office of Reed Smith, LLP in federal court Thursday morning before Judge Clark Waddoups. At … Read more