Shocking – Goldman Sachs Documents List Financial Institutions with Whom Goldman Had Hedged The Risk of its Exposure to an AIG Default

“It’s as if the New York Fed used A.I.G. as a front man to bail out big banks all over the world,” Mr. Grassley said in a statement. “It took nearly two years for the public to learn these details, and they only were revealed because Congress wouldn’t take no for an answer. Taxpayers deserve … Read more

Cleveland Fed Researchers Examine Derivatives, Systemic Risk – 2009 Annual Report Essay: Putting Systemic Risk on the Radar Screen

Cleveland Fed Researchers Examine Derivatives, Systemic Risk As Congress works on finalizing financial reform legislation, there is widespread agreement about the need for better management of systemic risk. But in order to manage systemic risk, you need to be able to define and measure it, says researcher Joseph Haubrich, writing in the Federal Reserve Bank … Read more

Securitized Assets – Excellent Presentaton on Financial Management of Structured Products

Financial Management of Structured Products โดยสมาคมนักวิเคราะหห์หลักทรัพย ์ สมาคมตลาดตราสารหนี้ไทย และ สำานักบริหารหนี้สาธารณะ กระทรวงการคลัง Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld 1. Introduction to Securitization 2. Introduction to CDOs 3. Credit Derivatives • Definition • Credit Default Swap: A Building Block of Synthetic CDO • ISDA Credit Derivatives Definition 4. CDO Structures • Balance Sheet CDO, STCDO, CDO^2, ABSCDO, Hybrid … Read more