DBR – Foreclosure Crisis – 4th DCA to review sealing of documents in foreclosure case

MEENU SASSER Garret Bender and his wife Gina started a court battle more than a year ago against SunTrust Mortgage, which wanted to foreclose on their Delray Beach house to recoup a $4 million mortgage. The Benders asked the 4th District Court of Appeal to intervene last week after they came across what many foreclosure … Read more

Psst… Hey, You, Yea, You. Can You Keep a Secret? A New FT Judge is Taking Over Palm Beach County Foreclosures

“Blanc’s intent was to transition Sasser into the civil division full-time by Jan. 1, if not sooner” That’s right folks. According to the DBR, a new ft judge has been assigned to the PBC Foreclosure Division. “John J. Hoy has been reassigned from the criminal division to a new full-time post in the foreclosure division.” … Read more

Comments Posted to Our Daily Business Review Article on The Housing Meltdown

Hello All, I just wanted to let you all know that the comments on our article Housing Meltdown over at the Daily Business Review have posted… Thank you all for the kind words… If you haven’t made a comment on the article yet, please take a minute to do so… LINK – Housing Meltdown – … Read more

Accolades From Our Friends at FloridaForeclosureFraud.com – Redman and Epstein, “We need about a thousand more just like them.”

I would like to thank our friends over at FloridaForeclosureFraud.com for their greatly appreciated commentary on our DBR article… Keep up the fight Mike! Foreclosure fraud investigations came from hard work of consumer advocates by Mike on September 7, 2010 Demanding foreclosure accountability Michael Redman and Lisa Epstein didn’t take their foreclosure cases sitting down … Read more

Exclusive Expose’ “Housing Meltdown” 4closureFraud.org and ForeclosureHamlet.org Featured in The Daily Business Review

Housing Meltdown Grassroots effort leads to attorney general probe By: Paola Iuspa-Abbott Lisa Epstein, an unemployed oncology nurse, and Michael Redman, a former online consultant for Toyota, never planned to be on the front line of the foreclosure crisis. But that happened when they independently mounted campaigns to challenge a system they say is stacked … Read more