Foreclosure Fraud the Florida Default Law Group and Erin Collins Cullaro from the Office of the Florida Attorney General

One of the avid readers of this blog alerted me to this very interesting development… Now, how brazen, or maybe just plain incompetent, is this? Notice of Filing of Affidavit of Reasonable Attorneys Fees Dated June 28, 2010 Nothing too strange there… Affidavit as to Reasonable Attorneys Fees Standard run of “the mill” language (HA, … Read more

Guess the Money is too Good to Pass Up – Introducing the Cullaros New Replacement – Expert Witness for Reasonable Attorneys Fees for FDLG Florida Default Law Group

You cant make this stuff up! Just recently we published Scandalous – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office and The Florida Default Law Group. The affidavits purport to have been executed by Lisa Cullaro, the appointed expert on attorneys’ fees. The notary who allegedly administered the expert’s oath and vouched … Read more