Um, Excuse Me Your Honor, I, We, You, Screwed Up – Shapiro Fishman Foreclosure Mill: Confession of Error to the 4th DCA

Now this is interesting… (See Docs below) And here is some commentary by James M… This is a small victory in this case, but not in the overall foreclosure war. The enemy has run away to fight again another day. By admitting the lower court made an error, the Appellee/Plaintiff (foreclosure mill) is attempting to … Read more

Foreclosure FAIL – The Case to Follow in FL – Sovereign Bank, Plaintiff, Vs. Florida Default Law Group, p.l., DBA Echevarria Codilis & Stawarski, Defendants

HA! Check this out… Not only is this the most comical case ever, it enlightens us all on the internal procedures and the secret contracts with the banks… Many thanks to Foreclosure Hamlet for taking the time to go down to Broward county and pull these most anticipated case files… SOVEREIGN  BANK, Plaintiff, vs. FLORIDA … Read more