Fannie Mae Mandatory Pre-filing Mediation Policy for Mortgage Loans in Florida

Highlights from Announcement SVC-2010-13 Introduction Based upon the latest review and the passage of the Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order of December 2009 requiring mediation before a summary judgment or foreclosure sale can be held, Fannie Mae will now require that servicers assign delinquent mortgage loans secured by properties in Florida to an attorney from … Read more

Florida’s Foreclosure Machine – Florida’s Foreclosure Court is Designed to Put Politics Ahead of Justice

Florida’s Foreclosure Court is designed to put politics ahead of justice by Chip Parker, Jacksonville Bankruptcy Attorney · Posted in Foreclosure News Florida’s Foreclosure Machine If you are unable or unwilling to file a bankruptcy, the only way to stop a foreclosure is to fight the foreclosure in state court. When it comes to saving … Read more

Rocket Dockets to Start in Indian River County, Martin County, Saint Lucie County Beginning August 2010

Florida, check your circuit websites. It looks like more and more counties are adopting the “rocket docket” since they received the new allocated money… Now, I do understand that these dockets need to be cleared, and this may be the only way to process the UNCONTESTED cases, but using this method where the borrowers are … Read more

An Open Letter to Judge Meenu Sasser 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida RE: Foreclosure Court

OPEN LETTER TO JUDGE MEENU SASSER 15th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA RE: FORECLOSURE COURT JUNE 6th, 2010 And all other Judges for that matter… I understand that there was a meeting between the Judges in Broward County and you, Judge Sasser, as you announced it in open court.  Of course, it is always advantageous for … Read more

Foreclosure Fraud – Fraud on the Court – Bank of America vs Julme CACE09-21933-05

A Smith Hiatt and Diaz case in Broward County Florida… Some short background information on this pleading, it’s an emergency motion to cancel a final sale based upon Fraud on the Court.  This client came to us a month before his final sale date, and already had a default and a final summary judgment entered against … Read more

Veteran’s Four Year Foreclosure Fiasco Finally Comes to an End – Ocwen Gives Back Stolen Title to Paid Off Home

Happy Memorial Day! Loan Servicer Sought Foreclosure Despite Proof Mortgage Was Paid GREENFIELD, Ind. — A woman who said she had no idea that her house had been put up for foreclosure even though the mortgage was paid off is relieved that a loan servicing company has backed off after years of struggle. After Marilyn … Read more

Stop Foreclosure Fraud, Homeowners Warn

Stop Foreclosure Fraud, Homeowners Warn By: Alex Tiegen | Posted: April 21, 2010 6:11 PM Cathie Dorman is fighting a legal battle to keep the bank from foreclosing on her house in Stuart, and she wants lawmakers to know it. She joined a group of 30 homeowners and lawyers Wednesday who traveled to the Capitol … Read more

Florida – The Face of Foreclosure

A Review of Statewide Foreclosure Filings A brief survey of news articles on foreclosures throughout the state of Florida is likely to leave one overwhelmed with potentially conflicting figures. In fact, many Floridians would probably not be surprised to read an article published by a major media outlet describing plummeting foreclosure rates one minute, and … Read more