Former Bank Officials from JPMorgan Chase / Bank of America Plead GUILTY to Inflating Appraisals, Falsifying Loan Apps and Fabricating Documents

And all this time I though it was them damn scumbag deadbeat homeowners that manipulated the files to get the loans approved… ~ Each Face up up 30 years in Prison ~ PRESS NOTICE WILLIAM N. NETTLES UNITED STATES ATTORNEY DISTRICT OF SOUTH CAROLINA Myrtle Beach Man Charged With Bank Fraud United States v. Gary … Read more

Bank Fraud Investigations Misdirected

Commentary by George W. Mantor RISMEDIA, May 18, 2010—The prosecutions of both civil and criminal cases against financial intermediaries are being thwarted by defense attorney’s ability to shine the light away from the real evidence of fraud. By focusing on the institutional side of the transaction, where all of the prosecutions have been, evidence is … Read more