Florida 5th DCA – Rubber Stamping Rocket Docket Judge REVERSED for Denying Motions to Cancel Foreclosure Sale Over and Over and Over

This sure sounds familiar… Once again the banks can’t even get their own sales canceled in the lower courts… Pattern here anyone? WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. v. LUPICA WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. AS TRUSTEE, etc., Appellant, v. CARL T. LUPICA AND MARGARET LUPICA, Appellees. Case No. 5D09-2902. District Court of Appeal of Florida, Fifth District. … Read more

Florida 5th DCA – More Heat for Rubber Stamping Judge for Denying Motions to Cancel Foreclosure Sales Over and Over and Over and Over

Funny how the banks cant even get their sales canceled… Ex-Volusia County Circuit Court Judge John V. Doyle is drawing renewed heat for issuing rubber-stamped denials over and over and over and over… Although this appeal is brought by the Plaintiff / Lender, it speaks to the issues of the procedure followed by the rubber-stamping … Read more