Bloomberg – JPMorgan Based Home Foreclosures on Faulty Court Documents, Lawyers Claim

Keep the pressure on, everyone. It is going to be a big day!!! JPMorgan Chase & Co. faces a legal challenge next month that could cast doubt on thousands of foreclosures after a mortgage executive at the bank said she didn’t verify documents used to justify home seizures. Lawyers for a Palm Beach County, Florida, … Read more

Beth Cottrell, Chase Home Finance Robo-Signer Extraordinaire – Motion for Sanction of Dismissal WITH Prejudice

People are asking what is next after Cottrell depo. LINK – GMAC, You Ain’t the Only One – Full Deposition of Beth Cottrell Chase Home Finance – Robo-Signer Extraordinaire and LINK – Two Original “WET INK” Notes Discovered in Same Foreclosure Case – Beth Cottrell JPMorgan Chase Team – 18,000 Documents a Month! Well, here you go… … Read more