Update from NJ – Bank of New York v. Michael Raftogainis – Foreclosure Case Means Lenders Have to Prove They Hold Mortgage in Atlantic, Cape Counties

Ruling in Brigantine foreclosure case means lenders have to prove they hold mortgage in Atlantic, Cape counties By KEVIN POST Business Editor http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/ This beach-block home on the 400 block of 26th Street in Brigantine was the subject of a court battle over Bank of New York’s attempt to foreclose on it. The homeowner challenged … Read more

Kaboom – NJ Checks In! – A Case Involving a Linda Green Assignment to a Trust 4 YEARS TOO LATE

Someone just asked where are the rulings out of Jersey… Well, here you go… Welcome New Jersey! It’s a long ruling but is full of great quotes… Too many to site… Read the document below… ~ 4closureFraud.org Bank of New York v. Michael Raftogainis